September 04

Home Up

The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on September 11, 2004 in the meeting room at Marillac Manor. The meeting was called to order by President Lynn McCulley.
Sixteen members and no guests were present.
The minutes of the April 10 2004 meeting were approved as printed/corrected.
Reports of officers and standing committees:
Treasurer (Jan Dralle) reported a balance of $621.77 in the treasury. Rent was $150. The club was not charged for the two months in which no meetings were held. Coleen Nelson sent her dues.
Historian (Michelle Ripplinger): None
Hospitality (Kaye and Elise Halvorson): None
Newsletter (): None
Program (Deb Long and Alice Coats): Deb Long reported that programs were filled up until the January meeting. October will be a lecture on knitting. November will be a lecture on the color wheel. December is the potluck and gift exchange. Deb also put together a packet for new paying members, which includes a copy of the by-laws and PTAG brochure.
Publicity (Karen Oby): Karen Oby volunteered to be the keeper of the brochures and contact person for PTAG. Since some information needed to changed from last year, she suggested that he club might want to make the brochure more user-friendly by making it look like a newsletter. Members agree. Karen also said the meeting notification was in the Bismarck Tribune on Saturday; however, she did not see any announcement on Friday. She volunteered to straighten the matter out.
Reports of Ad Hoc Committees:
Audit Committee: Carol Kapsner and Deb Long said that they were willing to audit the books and report at the next meeting.
Bylaws Committee: Kay Miller volunteered to update the by-laws, but said she couldn't do it until after the first of November.
Unfinished Business:
On a motion made by Elaine DeBilzan and seconded by Karen Oby, the workshop was postponed until next year. Members stated that they would be interested in a workshop on canvas work. The committee formed to find available teachers includes Larissa Larson, Kay Miller and LaRue Odenbach. Carol Kapsner indicated that she would be will to teach it if a pattern would be provided.
New Business:
President McCully told members she had been contacted by DWAC to se if PTAG was interested in participating in artView on Community Access television. It would consist of a half-hour interview of two club members to provide information to the public about PTAG and the textile arts. Larissa Larson and Deb Arnold volunteered to come up with a format and participate in the interview.
Becky told member about her participation in the Needlework Guild of Minnesota stitch-in. She provided postcards for member who might also be interested in participating next year.
Kay Miller brought two sacks of canvas work supplies from Elvira Burquist for whomever was interested.
At the officers meeting, it was discussed about having a question of the month, somewhat like last year's stitch of the month. Member were also asked to find a free pattern in which they are interested and bring it to show others at the meeting. Deb Arnold provided a web site.

The program on paper piecing was presented Deb Long.
The speaker's gift was made by Becky Quanrud.
LaRue Odenback and Becky Quanrud provided the treats.
Bring and Brag was held.
The meeting was adjourned
Respectfully Submitted, Mary Beth Osborn, Acting Secretary