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September Minutes

˜The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on September 14 , 2002 in the meeting room at Marillac Manor.

˜The meeting was called to order by President Kay Miller.

˜15 members and 2 guests were present.

˜The minutes of the May, 2002 meeting were approved as printed/corrected. 

Reports of officers and standing committees:

"Treasurer (Jan Dralle)

˜  Jan reported that the old PTAG account had not been closed out and the balance is $62.80.  In the new account at Bankcenter First the balance is $371.46. 

"Hospitality (Kaye and Elise Halvorson): 

˜  Hostesses for October are Karen Oby and Jan Dralle.  

"Newsletter :

˜Carol moved that, in lieu of a newsletter, the PTAG website be used as communication for minutes and an events calendar.  The motion was seconded by Becky and passed. 

"Program (Krista Andrews and LaRue Odenbach):

˜LaRue told members the program chairs were working on setting up programs such as a needlecase with nunstitch border, a display of family European embroidery.  Quilt preservation,  and finishing techniques.  When asked if members would like to go to either to Pipestem Creek or Fargo for the May fieldtrip, they said they preferred to go to Fargo. 

˜Speaker’s gift for October is to be provided by Jan Dralle. 

"Publicity (Elaine DeBilzan):

˜Elaine indicated the notice placed in the newspaper read only PTAG and did not specify what kind of an organization PTAG was.  Discussion led to the conclusion that something on the order of “needleworkers  welcome” should be included in the newspaper blurb.  This would inform any interested parties of the purpose and interest of PTAG.  Those present agreed and suggested the new brochures have “needlework” placed in a prominent area on the brochure.  

Unfinished Business:

      It was noted that Carol had written a donation check of $35 to the Ukrainian Museum in Dickinson for the tour provided as the May field trip.  She was re-imbursed by the club.

      Carol moved to pay DWAC dues of $40 and, after a second by Karen, the motion passed.

      Membership dues of $20 are due. 

New Business:

˜ Because of a mix-up in scheduling, the meeting room at Marillac Manor  was reserved for another event on the second Saturday of October.  Members were asked if they would like to change the date of the meeting.  Another suggestion was to have it in the boardroom on the second Saturday if it was available.  Jan is to find out and members will be notified.    


˜Becky told members there was a magnificent display, “Rivers of America” at Kirkwood Mall.  This is part of the Lewis and Clarke exhibition.  Included in the exhibition is the quilt square made by Jill Leppert as a North Dakota contribution. 

˜For those interested, Helen Huseby has McCall’s magazines from the early 1900’s.  They contain information and patterns on needlework/crochet.  Karen said she would check them out.  The number to call is 250-7841.


˜The program on finished and unfinished summer projects was presented by the members.

˜Carol Kapsner and Kay Miller provided the treats.

˜Bring and Brag was held.

˜The meeting was adjourned

˜Respectfully Submitted, Mary Beth Osborn, Secretary