officer mtg 03

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PTAG officer’s held their organizational meeting on July 19,2003.  Present were Kay Miller, president; Jan Dralle, treasure; Elaine DeBilzan; Sandi Brewster and Lynn McCulley, Program Chairs; and Elise and Kaye Halvorson, Hospitality.  Absent were Arlene Olson, Secretary; Mary Beth Osborn, Historian; and Mari Borr, Web master.


Officer’s reports:

President: Kay submitted the calendar for the year with dates for meetings, Hostess and presenter gifts.  Copies of this will be handed out at the first meeting on September 13,2003.

Treasure:  Jan shared that there had been little activity with the treasure since the last meeting in the spring.  The rent has been paid for the meeting room for the next year. The room has been arranged for the October 18th workshop.

Secretary:  No report.  Kay will ask Mary Beth and Mari to work with Arlene regarding how to get the minutes on the web site.

Historian:  No report.  There was concern if Mary Beth has been able to get the books from the past historian, this will be followed up on at the first meeting.

Publicity: Elaine continues to work with the “Inspire” to have an article in their magazine for women about PTAG in the fall issue.  Elaine is identifying some of the individuals who have been members of PTAG for several years and will contact them about participating in the interview.

Program Chairs:  The list of suggestions from the members was reviewed.  Sandie and Lynn will be contacting some members as well as individual from the community regarding presentations and will have a schedule for the first meeting in September.

Web mistress: No report.  Everyone was glad that Mari has maintained the web site and appreciate her work.

Hospitality:  Kaye and Elise will continue to have things ready for the meetings; they appreciated the help they received form members last year with the clean up and hope that continues.


Past officers will be asked to pass the handbook for their office on to the new officers.