November 04

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The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on November 13, 2004 in the meeting room at Marillac Manor.  The meeting was called to order by President Lynn McCulley.

16 members and 2 guests were present.


The minutes of the October 9, 2004 meeting were approved as printed/corrected. Deb Long made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Kay Miller, motion carried.


Reports of officers and standing committees:


Treasurer (Jan Dralle): Jan reported a balance in the club's checking account of $1037.48. Discussion was held regarding Sandie Brewster's move to Wisconsin. A motion was made by Sigrid Bucklin that we return her dues to her. Seconded by LaRue Odenbach, motion carried.

Historian (Michelle Ripplinger): None

Hospitality (Kaye and Elise Halvorson): Everything fine.
Program (Deb Long and Alice Coats): Deb Long reported that Alice Coats will be taking care of the programs starting in January for the rest of the year.
Publicity (Karen Oby): None

Reports of Ad Hoc Committees:
Special Committee:
ArTV - Larissa Harrison reported that the interview on Community Access TV went well. The program will be shown this Thursday night, November 18 at 8:00 P.M. It will be shown again on Friday night. Larissa is going to record the program for our club, and will show it at our Christmas party in December. We are hopeful that this exposure will give us some good publicity. Larissa commented that the items the members brought to display on the program were very nice.


Canvas Workshop - LaRue Odenbach & Lynn McCulley explained what they have come up with to date. Carol Kapsner will be the instructor. LaRue & Lynn visited with Carol and she recommended using the September Morn pattern. It has many different stitches and is not so large that it is not do-able. The cost for this workshop per person will be about $60 to $65. This includes all the material needed, book, room rent and instructor gift. The committee will explore some other companies besides Nordic Needle to see if they will give us a better deal on the materials needed. Karen Oby made a motion that we accept this workshop project, seconded by Elaine DeBilzan, motion was carried. LaRue informed us we will go through the details and pay a deposit at our December meeting. Jan Dralle will check to see if we can have our meeting room all day. We will do the workshop in place of a field trip in May.

Unfinished Business:


New Business:
President Lynn McCulley bought a card for the members to sign and send to Sandie Brewster. Sandie recently moved to Appleton Wisconsin. Lynn asked that someone volunteer to be the gift presenter for February. Karen Oby volunteered to do this.


President Lynn McCulley announced that our December meeting will be a pot luck and Christmas ornament exchange.
The program on Ives Color Wheel was presented Carol Krause.
The speaker's gift was made by Lynn McCulley.
Audrey Spencer and Elaine DeBilzan provided the treats.
Bring and Brag was held.
The meeting was adjourned
Respectfully Submitted, Arlene Olson, Secretary