November 02

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˜The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on November 9, 2002 in the meeting room at Marillac Manor.

˜The meeting was called to order by President Kay Miller.

˜Nineteen members and one guest were present.

˜The minutes of the October 19, 2002 meeting were approved as printed. 

Reports of officers and standing committees:

"Treasurer (Jan Dralle) reported a balance of $812.96 in the treasury.  A current membership list for 2002-2003 was passed out.

"Historian (Cindy Zimmermann):

"Hospitality (Kaye and Elise Halvorson):

"Newsletter ():

"Program (Krista Andrews and LaRue Odenbach):  December’s meeting is the annual Christmas potluck and gift exchange.

˜        "Publicity (Elaine DeBilzan): reported that the PTAG brochures were ready to be placed in stores.  They are available in five colours. Deb Arnold showed members some “funky” posters she had designed to call attention to PTAG.  They were to be placed at different locations throughout town. 

Unfinished Business:

˜  There was no report on the spring workshop. 

New Business:



      ˜   Kay Miller informed members that Shakespeare’s Peddler was not open on Mondays.

˜      Alice Coats said she had gone to Shepard’s Bush in Ogden, Utah.

˜      Arlene Strand told members she had a friend who had started a piece of needlepoint.  She wanted to know if anyone was interested in finishing it for her.

˜      Kay re-iterated to new and old members that they were responsible for bringing a coffee cup and a nametag to each meeting.  Fines of twenty-five cents are to be levied for each item not brought to a meeting.


˜The program on quilting and appliqué was presented by Alice Coats.

˜The speaker’s gift was made by Becky Quanrud.

˜Sigrid Bucklin and Becky Quanrud provided the treats.

˜Bring and Brag was held.

˜The meeting was adjourned

˜Respectfully Submitted, Mary Beth Osborn, Secretary