April 05

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The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on April 9, 2005 in the
meeting room at Marillac Manor.
The meeting was called to order by Acting President Deb Long.
22 members and 1 guests were present.
The minutes of the March 12, 2005 meeting were approved as printed/corrected.

Reports of officers and standing committees:
Treasurer (Jan Dralle) Jan reported that we have a balance of $2035.36

Historian (Michelle Ripplinger):  no report

Hospitality (Kaye and Elise Halvorson):  no report

Program (Deb Long and Alice Coats): Deb Long informed us we are having
Color Crayon Technique today and next month we will have the workshop.

Publicity (Karen Oby): Karen reported she submitted a notice of our
meeting. She said it did get in the paper, but not all the information
in the notice was correct.

Unfinished Business:
Workshop - Carol Kapsner reported she will be sending email messages
to those attending the workshop with a list of things they need to
bring. LaRue Odenbach informed us that were are to bring a dish to share
for the potluck and the club will furnish coffee, juice, plates, cup and
eating utensils.
She told us to be here by 8:30 and ready to stitch by 9:00. LaRue also
read us the rules of class etiquette.

Nominating committee- Kay Miller read the slate of officers and asked if
there were any additional candidates. There were none, so a motion was
made by Carol Kapsner to cast a unanimous ballot. This was seconded and

New Business:
Deb Long had several suggestions for programs. One being a tour of
some of our members homes to see their needlework. It was suggested that
a sample of the next months program be brought the preceding month, so
members could see what the project looks like.
LaRue Odenbach passed around a sheet for the member to sign up to do the
speakers gift, set up and clean up for next year.

Lynn McCulley thanked us all for making this past year an easy one and
she would see most of us at the workshop.

The program on Color Crayon Technique was presented Alice Coats.
The speakerís gift was made by Elaine DeBilzan.
Sandy Hyland and Kay Miller provided the treats.
Bring and Brag was held.
The meeting was adjourned
Respectfully Submitted, Arlene Olson, Secretary