January 03

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˜The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on January 11, 2003 in the meeting room at Marillac Manor.

˜The meeting was called to order by President Kay Miller.

˜Sixteen members and two guests were present.

˜The minutes of the December 14, 2002 meeting were approved as corrected. 

Reports of officers and standing committees:

"Treasurer (Jan Dralle) reported a balance of $829.28 in the treasury.

"Historian (Cindy Zimmermann):

"Hospitality (Kaye and Elise Halvorson):  Hostesses for February are Mary Beth Osborn and Audrey Spencer. 

"Newsletter ():

"Program (Krista Andrews and LaRue Odenbach): February’s meeting will feature Jan Dralle presenting a program on finishing bellpulls and wall hangings.  Speaker’s gift provider is LaRue Odenbach.

"Publicity (Elaine DeBilzan): reported brochures had been distributed.  Information about PTAG would not make the spring issue of ­­­­­­Inspire magazine but, possibly, the fall issue.  Elaine would try to get the information into the Greeter. 

Unfinished Business: 

˜  Karen Oby told those present that Jean Mann would be unavailable to present the Brazilian fall fan workshop until after August.  Members agreed to try for next fall.  

New Business:

˜      A new membership list was passed out.

˜      President Miller announced that next month a nominating committee has to be appointed. 


˜      Correspondence included an invitation to the North Dakota Governor’s Awards for the Arts on February 11, 2003 between 9:30 and 11 a.m.

˜      According to the Dakota West Arts Council newsletter, National Quilting Day will be observed on March 15, 2003 starting at 9:30 a.m. in the Heritage Center.  Alice Coats will be teaching at the event. 

˜The program on preservation of textiles, particularly quilts, was presented by Debra Quinn.

˜The speaker’s gift was made by Krista Andrews.

˜Lynn McCulley and LaRue Odenbach  provided the treats.

˜Bring and Brag was held.

˜The meeting was adjourned

˜Respectfully Submitted, Mary Beth Osborn, Secretary