2018-2019 Minutes



The executive committee of the guild met on September 4, 2018, in meeting room C of the Veterans’ Memorial Library at 7:00 p.m.  Present were Sandy Hyland, Kay Miller, Connie Werner, Linda Stewart, Mary Beth Osborn and Carol Kapsner.  The president served turtle ice cream pie.

The group discussed the location of handbooks prepared for each office.  The handbooks summarize the duties of each office.

The committee discussed the requirement that meeting attendees wear nametags and those who don’t are subject to a fine.  The issue is new members who are not aware of the requirement.  Kay Miller suggested the guild buy paper name tags for new members to comply. 

The list of people who signed up to make speakers’ gifts for the next year has not been located.  The president noted it is the responsibility of Hospitality to circulate and determine who is going to make the speaker’s gift.  A new list will need to be circulated.

An audit committee was not appointed during the last year.  One will need to be appointed during this year. 

Additional brochures are needed for publicity at the library.  Michele Ripplinger is seeking permission to put additional brochures out.  It needs to be determined if any information should be updated if more brochures are printed. 

Kay Miller noted Michael’s was tentatively scheduled to present a program to the guild.  Michael’s has a policy of requiring a payment of $50 to do a presentation.  It was decided to take the issue to the membership to decide whether to pay for programs. 

Connie Werner will place a sign at the Great River meeting place to indicate the September meeting only is moved to Edgewood Vista. 

Carol Kapsner, Acting Secretary


September 8, 2018


The meeting was started by Connie Werner, acting president, at 9:30 am in the Community Room at Edgewood Vista.The meeting was held here so that we could have a joint meeting with Capital City Quilters after our business meeting. We learned about the class offerings of their upcoming quilting weekend in November, saw some awesome quilt examples, and shared our techniques for making nametags.

Treasurer’s report:  $

Hospitality:    no report

Publicity: We are out of PTAG brochures and need some to put in strategic locations. It was moved by Karen, 2nd, and passed to print 150 brochures with any necessary changes.

Historian:    no report

Webmaster: Sandy and Deb have not been able to get together yet.

Program: Pat Jones will present our October program. We will learn how to dye paper and tiles. Pat will help each of us complete a dyed tile. Please bring a couple of dollars to cover her expenses for supplies. Future programs are: November-Crocheted wire jewelry with Deb Carpenter; December-Christmas Brunch and ornament exchange; January-White Elephant sale; February-Tools and supplies for our craft; March-TBA; April-Beads; May-Color Blending by Carol and Jan.

New Business: For personal reasons, Deb Long had to relenguish her secretary position. Audrey Spencer volunteered to take the secretary position. Then Michelle Riplinger volunteered to take her publicity position. Chris and Mary Beth will audit the treasurer’s books and have a report for the October meeting. National Quilter’s Day is the 3rd Saturday in March. We have been asked if PTAG would want to have a class there. We tabled further discussion until our October meeting. A membership list was passed around so that each of us could make changes to our data if needed.

Old Business: Connie handed out job descriptions to the appropriate officers.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Hyland, Acting Secretary




October 13, 2018

President Linda Stewart called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. at the Great River Energy Building. 

The minutes of the September 8, 2018 meeting were read. Karen Oby moved and Colleen Nelson seconded the motion to approve the minutes as read.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jan Dralle reported a balance of $ . Carol Kapsner moved and Karen Oby seconded the motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  Motion carried.  

Committee Reports:

Library Display:  Last day of the display will be October 26th.  Mary Beth and Kay will be removing the pieces and taking them to Kay’s home.  Pieces may be picked up from Kay or otherwise they will be brought to the November meeting.  The display was well received and has received recognition from the community.

Program:  November 10th – Crocheted wire jewelry by DebCarpenter 

                December 8th - Christmas Brunch & Ornament Exchange          

                May – All day workshop – Color Blending by Jan Dralle  and                                                            Carol Kapsner

Speaker’s Gifts – Changes to speaker’s gifts – March – Jan Dralle and April – Audrey.  We also need Speaker’s gifts for the May workshop presenters.

 Hospitality:  None

 Publicity:  Notices were placed in the Tribune, Community Access and at the Library.  Audrey had 150 brochures printed.  Bill was $61.24.  Kay Miller moved and Carole Kapsner seconded the motion to pay this bill.  Motion carried.  New brochures were passed around to members to give to prospective members.  Michelle will place others in various locations. 

 Historian:  None.  Carole Kapsner mention that there was an article in the Bismarck Tribune about the Library display showing a picture of needlework that Becky Quanrud had made.

 Webmaster:  Deb and Sandy have gotten together and updated the website.

 Old Business:

Audit of the Books:  Mary Beth and Cris Orgaard did an audit of the books on September 12, 2018. Three years of records (June 1, 2015 to May 31, 2016; June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017; June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018) were reviewed.  They found the books to be in order except for a check written to PTAG which should have been written to Jan to cover supplies for one of her programs.  Deb Arnold moved and Kay Miller seconded the motion to accept the audit report.  Motion carried. The audit committee did have a question “Do we have a second signature on our checking account?”  It was mentioned that usually it is the President.  Carol Kapsner moved to add Linda Stewart to the signature card for our account and Kay Miller seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

 March 3, 2019 is National Quilting Day.  The quilters wondered if PTAG wanted to present a class or have a table at this event.  Tabled until November meeting.

New Business:

Web Site: Deb reported the billing needs to be switched to the new webmaster using a credit card.  The cost is $5.95 per month.  A check for $77.35 is owed to Deb Arnold for 13 monthly fees (Oct. 2017-Oct. 2018).  Carol Kapsner moved and Kay Miller seconded the motion to reimburse Deb this amount.  Motion carried.

 Jan will prepare a financial report and have it at the November meeting. She will also update the membership list and will send it as a PDF file.


Carol Pedersen, presenter of our May workshop, has several new designs available through Stitchville if anyone is interested.

              Kay Miller moved and Connie Werner seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.

 Educational Program – Kay Miller introduced Pat Jones, who gave the program on Alcohol Ink Painting.

 Bring and Brag was held and Mary Beth brought Pear Pie to share with everyone.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Audrey Spencer, Secretary

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