2016-2017 Minutes


PTAG Minutes of the Executive Committee

The executive committee of Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at President Mary Beth Osborn’s house, at 7:00 p.m. on August 30, 2016.  Present were Mary Beth Osborn, Michelle Ripplinger, Kay Miller, Deb Arnold, Connie Werner, Jan Dralle, Carol Kapsner, Elaine DeBilzan, and Linda Stewart.

Kay Miller reviewed the programs for the coming year.  All monthly programs were filled except November.  The following additional suggestions were made.  Michelle Ripplinger could contact the Five Nations Arts in Mandan to determine whether there is someone to talk about story quilts or other Native American textile art.  Connie Werner will call the North Dakota Council on the Arts and Dakota West Arts Council to determine the availability of speakers.  It was suggested that the Germans from Russia organization may have speakers on ethnic embroideries.  Perhaps Arlene Olson and Karen Oby would consider presenting a program on hardanger. 

Jan Dralle reported a treasury balance of $ . 

Elaine DeBilzan noted that PTAG is scheduled for the room at Great River through February 2017. 

It was the consensus of the committee that we should ask members for the interest in having a workshop in May 2018 or an alternative month in 2018. 

          Respectfully submitted,

 Carol Kapsner, Secretary

PTAG Minutes September 2016

 The Guild met September 10, 2016, at Great River Energy at 9:30 a.m.  Fourteen members were present.  President Mary Beth Osborn called for the minutes to be read. 

 The minutes of the meeting of April 9, 2016, were approved on a motion by Karen Oby, seconded by LaRue Odenbach.  The minutes of the Executive Committee held on August 30, 2016, were approved on a motion by Sandy Hyland, seconded by Audrey Spencer.

Treasurer: Jan Dralle reported the guild had $ .  The webmaster submitted a bill for the web for $5.95 per month for 5 months. Sandy Hyland moved, and Karen Oby seconded the motion, to pay the bill.   Carried.

Hospitality: Chair Sandy reported the December meeting will be at her house.  There were no reports from publicity or historian chairs.  The webmaster reported the web is up-to-date.      

Program: Co-chair Connie Werner reported the November 12 program is still open.  Sandy Hyland suggested that Connie, who is teaching stitches in preparation for a trip to Williamsburg, could present a program on basic stitches.  Next month members will bring heirloom textiles or pieces they have received from others with stories about the memories or significance of the pieces.  Members were also encouraged to bring Christmas ornaments received from other members in the ornament exchange.  Connie sent around a list of future programs. 

New Business: Under new business, Carol Kapsner asked for a backup secretary for the October meeting.  Kay Miller or Audrey Spencer will act as backup secretary. 

Old Business: There was no old business.           

Connie Werner moved, and Jean Wolf seconded, to adjourn to a discussion of favorite books, magazines and needlework shops.  An addendum of those mentioned is attached to the minutes.  Following the business meeting,  members enjoyed Bring and Brag. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary 


Books And Magazines

  • 50 Fabulous Knit Aran Stitches,  Rita Weiss

  • One Hundred Embroidery Stitches, Coats & Clark Book #150-A

  • Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework

  • Good Housekeeping New Complete Book of Needlecraft

  • The Open Canvas, Carolyn Ambuter

  • Free-Form Embroidery, Judith Baker Montano

  • Embroidery – over Forty Embroidery Projects for you and your Home, Introduction by Una Stubbs

  • The Complete Illustrated Stitch Encyclopedia, Sterling

  • The Proper Stitch, Darlene O’Steen

  • Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Needlework, Donna Kooler

  • The Anchor Book of Hardanger Embroidery

  • Stitches with Variations, Jacqueline Enthoven

  • The Original Stitches to Go, Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson

  • Beginner’s Guide to Drawn Thread Embroidery, Patricia Bage

  • The Needlepoint Book, Jo Ippolito Christensen

  • SuZy’s Portable Stitches, SuZy Murphy

  • The Canvas Embroidery Notebooks – Backgrounds, Mindy English

  • Piecework Magazine, Interweave Press


Needlework Shops And Online Sources

  • Stitchville, 12945 Ridgedale Drive (Ridge Square South), Minnetonka, MN 55305


    -     Hosts Spring Fling in April

  • Needlecraft Corner,7905 E. Hartford Road, Baltimore, MD 21234


    -     Has 20% discount most of the time. Birthday letter – 30% off of one item, 25% another and the rest 20%.  Floss is always on sale. Usually ships priority, but she charges regular mail.  Month of Sept – Au Ver a Soie on sale – retail $4.30 – sale $3.25.

  • Attic, 1837 West Guadalupe Suite 109, Mesa, AZ, 1-888-94- ATTIC

    -     Hosts numbers workshops all year – Merry Cox, Sherri Jones, Jacque DePleissis. Sends out newsletter on 1st and 15th, can also go to her homepage and click on recent newsletter.

  • Elegant Stitch, 1-800-790-0810,

    -     Lady Dot.  Hosts workshops and does special kits to raise money for breast cancer. Also order the French Alphabet Sampler through ES.

  •  for ordering wool

  •  for bright wools and silks and velvets

  •  for quilt fabrics

  •  for classes on line

  •  for knitting


PTAG Minutes October 2016


The Guild met October 8, 2016, at Great River Energy at 9:30. Eleven members were present. President Mary Beth Osborn called for the minutes to be read.

The minutes of the meeting of September 10, 2016 were approved on a motion made by Michelle Collins and seconded by Alice Schott.

Treasure: No report. Dues can be paid to Mary Beth.

Publicity: The meeting date and time is in the paper

Historian: No Report

Webmaster:  The site is up to date

Program:  The program for the remainder of the season was reviewed.  The program for November will be Buttons with the presenter coming from Zap. It is recommended that she be paid mileage.  Deb Arnold stated that it was in the old minutes that out of town presenters would be paid mileage, she will check minutes to find out the amount paid per mile and let Jan, treasurer, know.

A sheet was also passed around for individuals who have attended a needlework/ textile seminar or workshop that is offer on a yearly basis to please sign the list to participate on a panel during the January meeting. If an individual has attended a workshop/seminar but will not be present at the January meeting, but if willing can send a summary of the event, location and costs to Connie, Sandy or Kay (program members) to be shared as part of the panel. The purpose of the panel is to help members become more aware of what is available to continue learning about needle work and textiles.

New business:  There is a Quilt Auction and Show at Torchmark – 1000 West Century Ave in Bismarck Oct 10-14, 2016 from 9:00 to 5:00.

 Old Business:  A committee is to be formed to look at having a workshop in the spring, 2018. President Mary Beth made a motion that the committee membership be tabled until the next meeting when hopefully more members will be present, motion seconded by Michelle and approved by membership present.  

The book discussed at the last meeting Stitches To Go is available on EBay for $25.00 + shipping and on Amazon for $100.00

Audrey Spencer moved and Michelle seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Members enjoyed Bring and Brag. The program was members sharing family needlework with their stories, all present brought something to share, enjoyed by all.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Miller, Acting Secretary

PTAG Minutes November 2016

The Guild met November 12, 2016, at Great River Energy Building, at 9:30 a.m. 

The minutes of the October meeting were read and on motion by Connie Werner, seconded by Jean Wolf, were approved. 

President Mary Beth Osborn asked for committee reports. 

Treasurer: Jan Dralle reported the guild had $  with two people still owing dues.  Jan indicated that she will add cell phone numbers and update emails on the membership lists.  Jean Wolf requested that this information not be included on the website or on public emails.  Upon motion by Connie Werner, seconded by LaRue Odenbach, the treasurer’s report was approved. 

Hospitality: The hospitality committee reported the Christmas brunch and ornament exchange would be at Sandy Hyland’s home at 9:30. 

Publicity: Michelle asked if there were any brochures and volunteered to distribute them.

Historian: No report.

Webmaster: No report.

Program: Co-chair Kay Miller stated that the January program would be information about needlework seminars that members had attended so members could learn what other educational programs are available.  In May, there will be a field trip to the Heritage Center.  It was hoped that Jenny Yearous will get us into the workspace areas along with Larissa Harrison.  Kay indicated that she had also requested that we be allowed to see the panel that EGA members had stitched and donated to the Heritage Center along with the notebooks that describe the design process and the stitches. 

Old Business: There was a discussion of having a workshop in May or some other time in 2018.  Connie Werner, Kay Miller and Carol Kapsner volunteered to be a committee to look into possibilities and to organize a workshop if the guild decided to have one.  Suggestions were requested.  One suggestion was Bonnie Lundorff from Bemidji, Minnesota whose business name is Willow Wood Market (www.  She does wool stitchery and buttonhole work.  Michelle Ripplinger also indicated she would get the name of a presenter from Dickinson for the next meeting. 

There were no announcements.  Upon motion by Connie Werner, seconded by Kay Miller, the business meeting was adjourned.  A program on buttons was presented by Elaine Reich from Zap.  Elaine brought several types of buttons that she has collected and displayed and explained them.  Connie Werner made the speaker’s gift for Elaine. 

Members enjoyed Bring and Brag.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary        

PTAG Minutes January 2017

The Guild meet on January 14, 2017, ay Great River Energy Building, at 9:30 a.m. 

The minutes of the November meeting were read and approved, motion by Sandy Hyland, seconded by LaRue Odenbach with one correction, Connie indicated that she had also requested that we be allowed to see the panel that EGA members had stitched and donated to the Heritage Center not Kay.

Treasurer: Treasurer’s report by Jan states we have a balance of $ .  Jan indicated that she would make corrections on the membership list as some had changed e-mails and phone numbers .Sandy Hyland made a motion to accept the treasurer report, seconded by Michelle Collins.

Hospitality:  Christmas Brunch was enjoyed by all who attended.

Publicity: No report

Historian:  No Report

Webmaster: No report

Program: the February presentation will be Jan Dralle on Fabrics that can be used for needlework.  The March presentation on threads for needlework will be presented by Carol Kapsner.  Connie has spoken to Jenny at the Heritage Center and the May field trip to the heritage Center has been planned.

New Business:  Jan wanted to know who is committed in beading a cardinal spool.  She is willing to start it after the February meeting. This would involve brick stitch bead spool-thread kit would be $10.00. Jan will send out an email to get an interest level.  Connie suggested including a picture. Once this smaller project was completed she would be willing to teach the necklace next. Jan would need a respond to her email within a week to have enough time to order the beads,

Oct 1-Dec.31, 2017 there will be an exhibit of the St. John’s bible at the Hjemkomst Museum on Moorhead, MN.

 Old Business:  The workshop committee for May, 2018 has not had the opportunity to meet.

LaRue handed out chopsticks from a cruise that she has found a great help in stuffing items.

Meeting adjourned

Kay Miller

Program was members presenting on workshops they had attended.

MN Buffalo Needlework Guild Retreat

LaRue, Jan and Connie have attended this several times. You do need to be a member of the MN Guild to attend. Lodging, meals are included in the cost.  You can work independent studies or you can take classes.  If you take classes you need to pay the cost of the class kit. Some of the areas coved in the classes are counted thread, canvas work, and Japanese embroidery.  It is held in August at the Catholic Retreat Center where all buildings are connected. Stitcher’s attending are at all levels and all areas of needle workers attend, rooms vary in activity and noise level. The retreat is Wednesday – Sunday, but you can arrive on Monday and pay extra for lodging. It is approximately $400.00 to attend; kits range from $75.00 - $150.00.  Each year has a theme and people are asked to bring something to display that goes with the theme.  There is a market night where area shops set up tables and participants can shop. Lodging is two people to a room.  The work you can see is amazing; they have a program every year on Friday night where they also preview the classes for the following year, which is followed up in an email in February for registration.  It is a great way to meet people; meals are very good.

Sheppard’s Brush

LaRue has attended this a few times and says it is a great seminar.  There are stitchers of all levels.  You pick a track to do and that track has three classes.  The cost is $500.00 not including lodging and some meals; it is held only on even years.  It fills up very fast.  LaRue recommends you get a condo which would cost about $10.00 more a person. They start by giving you a project to work on the first night.  The classes are usually four hours.  Sheppard’s Brush usually starts with an open house at their shop in Ogden, UT. If attending the open house you can stay in Ogden the first night, than go to the resort for the retreat.  There is usually a theme. This year it was Christmas, patterns are made available to the public later in the year.  They had a dessert night with a project.  The last night there is a banquet with a gift.  Students provide the entertainment; this was the part LaRue didn’t like.  Merchants are there and can shop all the time.  There are treats each day.  Pattern/kits are available.

Stitchville MN

LaRue has attended this retreat and says the cost is about $600.00. It is held in April through the shop and it fills up fast. There is always a small project on Friday night, sometimes have home work ahead of time that needs to be done before you go.  Different designers put on the classes. Instructors are nationally known. The classes are Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday until noon.  You stay at Chaska Center; food is amazing, treated very well! This is a fun retreat.  There are gifts in your room when you arrive, excellent classrooms, and additional gifts at the class.  This retreat is usually limited to 50-60 people.  It is drivable, good accommodations.

Needlework Seminar at Williamsburg, VA

LaRue has attended three times and Kay and Sandy attended for the first time this year. The projects are more difficult, there is no advance homework and they do not release the patterns for the public to buy after the retreat. They have a market available every day; it is primarily the patterns by the designers teaching at the retreat.  The Retreat it held at Kingsmill Resort which is located outside of Williamsburg. The retreat starts with a banquet on Thursday night where you receive an initial gift. (You receive a gift each day.)  There is a speaker on area of needlework. Those attending can take two pre-classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon on Thursday.  The main classes start on Friday and you can take one – two classes; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Sandy and Kay took one morning class. Classes are Friday through Sunday with a luncheon on Friday.  We were disappointed because the luncheon cut one and half hours off the class that day. The instructor was excellent and walked around the room all the time to help people and to be sure the stitches were being done correct on the practice material.  In the class we were in very few of the participants actually stitched on the project. The class we took had two additional accessories packets that were needed to purchase to compete the project, so the total cost of the class was about $1,000.  There is a cost for each class you took.  There were some participants that took both the pre-classes and took both the morning and afternoon class during the three day seminar. The lodging, additional meals and travel were additional costs. Kay and Sandy stayed in a two bedroom condo as their husbands went along and did history during the day while they were in the stitching class. The lodging, meals and classes were excellent.  You need to go there knowing that you will do very little stitching there and come home with a very detailed project to finish on your own.  The instructor gave excellent finishing instructors to take home and allowed participants to take as many pictures as wanted of the project and slides used in the presentation.  We were glad we went it was a wonderful experience and maybe another time could attend again. The seminar is held the weekend of the Christmas kick off for colonial Williamsburg so it is very crowded and we were not able to see all of the buildings we wanted to in Williamsburg.

                                                PTAG  Minutes February 2017


The Guild met February 11, 2017, at Great River Energy Building at 9:30 a.m. with President Mary Beth Osborn presiding. 


The minutes of the January meeting were corrected to show the balance in the account was $  .  It was also noted that the names of the workshops and retreats attended by members should be amended to say the Minnesota Needlework Guild retreat at Buffalo and Shepherd’s Bush.  Upon motion by Kay Miller, seconded by Connie Werner, the minutes as corrected were approved. 


Treasurer: Jan Dralle reported the account balance was $  .


Hospitality: No report


Publicity: No report.


Historian: No report.


Webmaster: No report


Program: The program chair reported that the March program would be Carol Kapsner on threads.  The April program would be Karen Oby on Slow Stitching which would include anything from scratch, designing, dyeing, etc.  The May meeting would be a field trip to the Heritage Center.


New Business: None


Old Business: There was no report from the Committee for the workshop in 2018. 


For upcoming events, it was reported that National Quilting Day would be held March 18 at the Heritage Center.  Five classes would be taught and there would be open sewing.  More information is available at  The Missouri Valley Quilters are bringing in a national teacher, Cathy Wierzbicki, who will present a trunk show and teach classes on pineapple quilting April 21-22 at McCabe Methodist Church.  More information is available at


A motion to adjourn was made by Connie Werner, seconded by Karen Oby. 


A program on fabric for stitching was presented by Jan Dralle who provided samples of fabrics and stitched pieces using various fabrics. 


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Kapsner, Secretary


                                                PTAG Minutes March 2017


The Guild met March 11, 2017, at Great River Energy Center with President Mary Beth Osborn presiding.  The secretary read the minutes of the February meeting.  It was noted that the correction in the February minutes correcting the treasurer’s report in the January minutes also seemed to be in error.  Treasurer Jan Dralle reported the Guild balance in both January and February was $ .  Motion was made by Sandy Hyland, seconded by Lois Christensen, to correct the minutes and to approve the minutes as corrected.  The motion carried. 


Treasurer: Jan Dralle reported the Guild account had a current balance of $ , after receipt of three half-year memberships.  Michelle Collins requested permission to submit a delayed bill from 2015 for which she had just located the receipt.  It was for $85 for the cost of publication in the magazine Celebration.  Karen Oby moved, and Kay Miller seconded, to have Jan Dralle check the 2015 records of the Guild and, if it has not been previously paid, to reimburse Michelle Collins for this amount.  The motion passed. 


Hospitality: No report.


Publicity: No report.


Historian: No report.


Webmaster: No report.


Program: Program Chair reported Karen Oby will be the program for April on slow stitching and slow knitting.  Karen was asked to further describe what might be included.  She said it could be described as needlework that is “something pointless” which would make more sense during the program. 


Old Business: There was no old business.


New Business: Under New Business, the President asked for volunteers to serve as officers of the Guild next year.  A suggestion sheet was circulated to help Program Chairs plan programs for next year. The following members volunteered:

            President:                    Mary Beth Osborn

            Secretary:                    Carol Kapsner

            Treasurer:                    Jan Dralle

            Hospitality:                 Kay Miller and Sandy Hyland

            Publicity:                     Audrey Spencer

            Historian:                    Michelle Ripplinger


            Program Chairs:          Michelle Collins and Lois 



Mary Beth will send an email noting the slate and asking for a volunteer for Webmaster so that election of officers can be held. 


Kay Miller moved to adjourn, Jan Dralle seconded, and the motion was approved.


After adjournment, former member Deb Long was introduced.  


A program on threads with examples was presented by Carol Kapsner.  The Speaker’s Gift was made by Jan Dralle.  Bring and Brag was held and some members remained to work on beading projects. 


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Kapsner



PTAG Minutes April 2017


The Guild met at the Great River Energy Center on April 8, 2017, Mary Beth Osborn presiding.  The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved on motion made by Audrey Spencer and seconded by Karen Oby. 


Treasurer: Jan Dralle reported the account balance was $  after payment of DWAC dues and the delayed, previously approved, bill of $85 submitted by Michelle Collins.  Upon motion by Karen Oby, seconded by Connie Werner, payment of DWAC dues were approved.  Sandy Hyland moved and Larissa Harrison seconded the motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.


Hospitality: No report.


Publicity: No report.


Historian: No report.


Webmaster: No report.


Program: Co-chair Connie Werner reported that the program for May would be a field trip to the Heritage Center.  Guild members are to meet at 10:00 a.m.  at the main door where Jenny Yearous will be our guide.  Among the things we will have a chance to see will be the wallhanging made by the Northern Lights Chapter of the Embroiders Guild of America.  Larissa Harrison noted that if any member had special requests of things to view on this visit, the member should contact Larissa or Connie in advance of the meeting so that Jenny could be advised of our requests.  All requests should be funneled through Connie or Larissa.


Mary Beth will talk to Elaine DeBilzan about reserving the Great Plains room for our meetings next year.


New Business:  Larissa noted there will be an exhibit from the Field Museum on chocolate at the Heritage Center from May 27 to December 6. 


Election of Officers:  President Osborn reported that Deb Arnold had not responded to the inquiry about whether she was willing to continue to be webmaster. Karen Oby moved and Connie Werner seconded the motion to approve the following slate of officers:

                        President:                                Mary Beth Osborn

                        Secretary:                                Carol Kapsner

                        Treasurer:                                Jan Dralle

                        Hospitality:                             Kay Miller and Sandy Hyland

                        Historian:                                Michelle Ripplinger

                        Webmaster:                             Vacant

                        Program  Chairs:                     Michelle Collins and  

                                                                        Lois Christensen


The slate was unanimously approved.  Discussion followed whether to continue to maintain a website.  Jan Dralle was authorized to explore the possibility and costs of hiring a new webmaster.


The business meeting was adjourned and Bring and Brag followed the business meeting.


Karen Oby presented a program on slow stitching and slow knitting with examples and book describing the techniques involved.  The speaker’s gift was made by Michelle Collins and Lois Christensen. 


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Kapsner, Secretary




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