2017-2018 Minutes

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Minutes Of The Executive Committee

Prairie Textile Arts

The officers of the Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at Jan Dralle's house on August 31, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the coming year. Present were Mary Beth Osborn, President, Carol Kapsner, Secretary, Jan Dralle, Treasurer, Kay Miller and Sandy Hyland, Hospitality, Michelle Ripplinger, Historian, Michelle Collins and Lois Christiansen, Program Chairs. Also present was Elaine DeBilzan who assisted in providing refreshments and reporting on space availability.

The President called the meeting to order. Jan Dralle reported the treasury held $2,120.60. Elaine DeBilzan reported the Great River Energy Center was available for the next six months and was available after meetings until 4:00 p.m. to accommodate Jan Dralle's beading classes and others who wish to stay and stitch.

Michelle Collins and Lois Christiansen reported that the following programs were in development:

                        September:      Knitters on techniques  various and projects

                        October:          Larissa Harrison on  crocheting

                        November:      Wool and dyeing wool with a project

                        January:           Stumpwork with Deb Arnold

                        February:         Quilt Show by Martha Downs

                        March:             J&R Fabric on cutting tools

                        April:               open

Carol Kapsner reported on the three possibilities that she and Connie Werner had explored for the workshop in May. These were a Hardanger project taught by Carol Pederson from Hopkins, MN, Brazilian embroidery taught by Elaine Keller, and crazy quilting taught by Virginian Dambaugh and/or Kim Stenehjem. The c0-chairs will do an interest survey prior to the meeting so that a vote can be taken at the meeting. An example of color mixing taught by Lee Popp was shown to the committee and it was decided that this should be included in the options.

Audrey Spencer indicated that the PTAG brochures needed to be updated but questioned whether the website should be included since we do not have a webmaster. It was decided that since the website is functioning although it is not current, it should be included. Jan Dralle reported that Deb Long is not interested in maintaining the website and that others she had contacted were not either. Audrey will get 100 brochures printed so they can be printed and will contact the Tribune to get the meeting dates into the Nubs.

The committee discussed other outreach ideas. It was noted that when PTAG had its display at BSC Monica Hannan had suggested that PTAG should contact Kevin Stanfield to get on ND Today. Kay Miller and Mary Beth Osborn indicated they would be willing to appear on the program and to contact him. It was also suggested that the Inspired Woman magazine may be an outlet to reach new member interest. Mary Beth Osborn will contact the Veterans' Memorial Library to determine if other arts organizations can display at BAGA and whether the pieces offered for display have to be original. Kay Miller suggested that brochures be distributed to churches; quilting and knitting groups.

PTAG Minutes September 2017

The Guild met at Great River Energy at 9:30 a.m. on September 9, 2017, Mary Beth Osborn presiding.  The minutes of the April 8 were read.  On motion by Sandy Hyland, seconded by Audrey Spencer, they were approved with one correction.  Martha Downs had also made the speaker’s gift for the April meeting.   The minutes of the executive committee of August 31 were read.  On motion made by Sandy Hyland and seconded by Michelle Collins, they were approved. 

The treasurer reported the Guild had $ and the dues for the current year of $20 were due.  The President called for any outstanding bills.  Deb Arnold indicated she was owed $71.40 for maintaining the website and Audrey Spencer presented a bill for $61.24 for having brochures printed.  Motion was made by Sandy Hyland and seconded by Michelle Collins to pay both bills.  Approved. 

For committee reports, Audrey Spencer indicated that she will contact the Tribune to place the meeting information in the paper and will contact the Inspired Woman magazine.  Program co-chair Michelle Collins reviewed the upcoming programs for the year.  The October program is to be on crocheting and Larissa Harrison indicated members should bring yarn and crochet hooks to the meeting.  Carol Kapsner reviewed the options for the workshop in May and a written ballot was passed for members to vote on which is the preferred workshop. 

Under new business,  Carol Kapsner reported the PTAG can display at Bismarck Art and Galleries and that BAGA is in the process of setting up its schedule for 2019.  After discussion, it was determined that Carol Kapsner should have further discussions with BAGA about security and about the method of displaying small items.  Mary Beth Osborn reported that display space was available at the library for either January through April or for September through November, 2018.  Upon motion by LaRue Odenbach, seconded by Sandy Hyland, it was determined that the latter dates were preferable.  Deb Arnold noted that for her presentation, she had looked at small projects for the group of either a snail, a ladybug, or a sheep.  She suggested that the guild pay for the materials.  She would try to get pictures on the website if we get it operational so members could see the options before deciding.  Linda Stewart indicated Theresa Hague from Jamestown is starting tatting classes this fall.  Connie Werner suggested that Theresa Hague be contacted to determine if she were interested in presenting a trunk show to PTAG.  Linda indicated she would do so. 

Under old business,  the discussion returned to finding a new webmaster.  Sandy Hyland said that she would be willing to try with instruction from Deb Arnold and Mary Beth Osborn said that she would also be interesting in learning so there would be backup. 

Carol Kapsner reported that the written ballot contained the most votes for color mixing and that hardanger and Brazilian embroidery were tied.  A second ballot was taken between hardanger and Brazilian embroidery and it was determined to pursue a workshop on hardanger taught by Carol Pedersen. 

Motion was made by Michelle Collins, seconded by Jan Dralle to adjourn. 

Following the business meeting, a program was presented by Lois Eichhorst.  She showed various yarns that she used to make knitted pieces of all types, many of which were items donated for charitable organizations.  The items included sweaters, afghans,  scarves,  felted purses, and stuffed animals.  A scissor’s fob was presented as a speaker’s gift to Lois.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary



November 11, 2017


President Mary Beth Osborn called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. at the Great River Energy Building.  She started the meeting be reading the purpose of our organization.


The minutes of the October 14, 2017 meeting were read. Deb Arnold moved and Karen Oby seconded the motion to approve the minutes as read.  Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:  Jan Dralle reported a balance of $ . LaRue Odenbach moved and Sigrid Bucklin seconded the motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented.  Motion carried.   No bills were presented.


Committee Reports:



December 9 – Christmas Brunch and Ornament Exchange at Sandy’s Hyland’s home. Sandy

and Kay Miller are hostesses.

January - Deb Arnold – Stumpwork

February – Martha Downs – Quilt Show

March – Theresa Hague – Tatting

April – (tentatively) Scan and cut or Karen Oby-Birchbark embroidery

May – All day workshop – Carol Pederson


Speaker’s Gifts – January-Martha; February-Jan; March-LaRue; April-?; May-Deb Arnold.


In January, Deb Arnold will be presenting the program on Stumpwork.  Deb A. made a motion that PTAG treasury funds pay for the materials for kites for the January 2018 mini project.  Connie Werner seconded the motion, which carried.  Cost of the kits will be $5.00-$7.00.


May Workshop – Carol Pederson is not charging a teacher’s fee.  In January we need to decide what we should pay for her travel costs and/or other expenses


Colleen Nelson offered to help anyone who would like a refresher session on hardanger stitchery.


Hospitality:  None


Publicity:  Notice was in the paper today.


Historian:  None


Webmaster:  Website has not been brought up to date.  Deb will draw up guidelines on updating the website for Sandy.  The rest of the programs and speaker’s gift list needs to be added to the site. 

Deb mentioned having a standard template to use for the minutes to make it easier for the webmaster to update the website.  Karen Oby made a motion to have a standard template available to use for taking the minutes so they are consistent.  Deb Long seconded the motion.  After discussion, motion carried.  Question was asked whether the minutes need to be on the website or  could be emailed to the members.  Karen Oby moved we postpone discussing and establishing what to do with the minutes until the January meeting.  Motion was seconded and carried. 


Old Business:

Jan Dralle will send out an updated membership list, as there are some updates.


New Business:

Discussion was held on how to increase our membership.  Michelle Ripplinger suggested sending brochures to the churches that have quilting groups.  The group thought this might not be cost effective. Current members could take brochures and distribute them at their churches or work, etc.

Also needed will be publicity about the workshop coming up in May



              Audrey had gone to the St. John’s Bible display at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead.  Also on

              display were quilts and needlework using the same theme.  PTAG members Jan, Carol and Sigrid

              had pieces there.  It was well worth the visit. 


Connie Werner moved and Elaine DeBilzan seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.


Educational Program – Lois Christiansen presented the program on wool, wool dyeing, felting, applique, etc.  Mini project was a wool pin cushion. Speaker’s gift was made by Michelle. 


Bring and Brag was held.


Respectfully submitted,


Audrey Spencer (filling in for Carol Kapsner)


                                                PRAIRIE TEXTILE ARTS GUILD

                                                         January 13, 2018

President Mary Beth Osborn called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. at the Great River Energy Building.  The minutes of the November 11, 2017 meeting were read and, on motion made by Kay Miller and seconded by Meme May, were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Jan Dralle reported the current balance was the same: $ .  It would decrease by $10 to file our non-profit report with the secretary of state and by payment for the kits for the May workshop.  Michelle Collins moved, and Karen Oby seconded the motion, to approve the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried. 

Committee Reports:

Hospitality:  The committee questioned whether we wished to have snacks during the workshop.  No action was taken. 

Publicity.  The notice was in the paper.

Historian:  None

Webmaster:  There was no update.  The question was asked whether to use email to send minutes to members or whether to use a website.  Action was postponed until next meeting. 


            February:         Martha Downs’ trunk show of quilts

            March:             Theresa Hague on tatting

            April:               Karen Oby on birchbark embroidery

            May:                Carol Pedersen’s all-day workshop on hardanger

Carol Kapsner reported that the expenses for Carol Pedersen to come here would include mileage and a hotel.  At 50 cents per mile from Hopkins, Minnesota, the mileage would be $425 and two nights at the Holiday Inn Express in May would cost $264.  Kay Miller moved and Sandy Hyland seconded the motion to pay Carol $700 in expenses.  The motion was approved. Samples of the pieces for the May workshop were displayed and members signed up and paid for the specific project the member wished to take.  A member not in attendance can notify and pay Jan by January 25 if she wishes to take the workshop. 

President Osborn announced that the guild had been contacted by Capitol Quilters to see if the two organizations would like to get together for a “Meet and Greet.” It was decided to ask the quilters’ group if they would like us to bring projects to one of their meetings.  Michelle Collins or Lois Christiansen will report back to the guild. 

Announcements:  The exhibit of the St. John’s Bible at the Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead will be extended through January.  On Martin Luther King Day,  Dr. Albert Raboteau, author of “Slave Religion” will be speaking at 7:00 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church.  There will be a Crafters’ Bee at the old Governor’s residence on January 27 from 1:00 to 4:00. It was decided to try to take brochures to the event.  Colleen Nelson offered to give a mini class on hardanger to those who wish to learn basics at her home the following Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

New business:  A new member,  Crisanne Orgaard, joined.  She is a lace maker and does other needlework.

Old business:   Jan Dralle indicated she would send out an updated membership list. 

Connie Werner moved to adjourn.  Bring and brag was held. 

Educational program:  Deb Arnold presented the background of stumpwork followed by a mini workshop on stumpwork.  A speaker’s gift was presented made by Martha Downs. 

Respectfully submitted, 

 Carol Kapsner, Secretary

                                    PRAIRIE TEXTILE ARTS GUILD

February 10, 2018

President Mary Beth Osborn called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m. at the Great River Energy building.  The minutes of the January 13, 2018, meeting were read.  Audrey Spencer moved and Karen Oby seconded the motion to approve the minutes.  Motion carried. 

Treasurer’s report: Jan Dralle reported a balance of $ .  The kits for the May workshop were paid for.  Kay Miller moved and Sandy Hyland seconded the motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Hospitality: No report

Publicity:  The notice was in the paper.  Michelle Ripplinger brought brochures to the meeting.

Historian:  No report.

Webmaster:  Deb Arnold reported that she decided to handle the website to the end of May but the guild must decide what to do by then.  Karen Oby moved to stay with the same website.  Sandy Hyland seconded the motion.  Sandy indicated she will act as webmaster if we stay at the same website.  The motion was approved. 

Program: Lois Christiansen reported the slate of programs remains the same as in the last minutes.  Lois will also call Shelly Doyle from Capital Quilters about meeting at Edgewood.  For the May workshop, Connie Werner brought menus from Country House Deli and discussed whether the guild wished to furnish lunch for attendees.  Karen Oby moved and Vicki Voskuil seconded the motion to have the guild pay for lunches for all attendees for the workshop.  Motion approved. Connie said that she would gather a few more options for caterers and report at a later meeting.  Deb Arnold brought diagrams for a tree as a supplement to the workshop she had offered in her January program. 

For the library display in September, October, and November, 2018, Kay Miller and Lois Christiansen offered to assist Mary Beth Osborn.  It was noted that the display should include all levels of needlework so that viewers would understand that the guild is welcoming to all levels of stitchers.

New business:  None

Old business:  Carol Kapsner moved to change the fine for failure to wear a name tag to $1 and to enforce the penalty.  LaRue Odenbach seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Kay Miller reported that she and Mary Beth had attended the event at the old governor’s residence.  It was quite crowded and therefore not conducive to recruiting.

Announcements: On March 10th, there will be a quilting event with a quilt show and classes at the Heritage Center.  Michelle Ripplinger will be teaching a class. 

Karen Oby moved and Kay Miller seconded the motion to adjourn.  Motion carried.

Education Program:  Martha Downs presented a trunk show on quilted items that she had made over several years.  She was given a speaker’s gift made by Jan Dralle. 

Bring and brag was held. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary

                                    PRAIRIE TEXTILE ARTS GUILD MINUTES

                                                    March 10, 2018

President Mary Beth Osborn called the meeting to order at 9:30 at the Great River Energy Building.  The minutes of the February 10, 2018, meeting were read.  On motion by Connie Werner, seconded by Sandy Hyland, the minutes were approved. 

Treasurer’s Report: Jan Dralle reported on a letter from the North Dakota Council on the Arts that grants up to $3,000 are available in a folk and traditional arts apprenticeship program.  The treasury has a balance of $ .  She ordered deposit slips at a cost of $13.28 and Dakota West Arts Council dues of $40 are payable.  On motion by Linda Steward, seconded by Sandy Hyland, the treasurer’s report was approved.  Jean Wolf moved and Vicki Voskuil seconded the motion to pay DWAC.  Motion passed. 

Hospitality: No report from the committee.  Connie Werner had menus from three places that were options for catering the workshop in May.  The group had to decide whether to have salads only or salads and sandwiches for lunch during the workshop.  The group voted to have sandwiches and salads.

Publicity:  The notice was in the paper. 

Historian:  No report.

Webmaster.  The website is up to date except for the gift for the April presenter.  Mary Beth Osborn will do it. 

Program Co-chairs were not present.  Karen Oby noted that she will be doing the April program on Swedish birch bark embroidery and will include promotional needlecases.  If members have any promotional needlecases, they should bring them to the April meeting. 

May workshop.  Carol Kapsner and Connie Werner distributed the projects and discussed the prework, encouraging members to read the instructions at least three times before starting the prework.  There will also be time after the April meeting to help anyone wishing assistance with the prework. 

New Business:  A slate of officers is needed for election at the April meeting.  The following slate was developed during the meeting:

            President:                    Linda Stewart

Treasurer:                    Jan Dralle

            Secretary:                    Deb Long

            Program Chairs:          Connie Werner and Kay Miller

            Historian:                    Michelle Ripplinger if willing

            Webmaster:                 Sandy Hyland

            Hospitality:                 Sandy Hyland and Kay Miller

            Publicity:                     Audrey Spencer

For the library display, Mary Beth Osborn will be assisted by Kay Miller and Lois Christiansen.

Upon motion by Carol Kapsner, seconded by Deb Long, it was proposed to pay the presenter mileage of 50 cents per mile and $25 for lunch for $125.  Motion carried. 

Old business:  There is a quilt show at the Heritage Center this afternoon and Sunday until 5:00 p.m.

After the business meeting, Theresa Hague presented a program on tatting.  She was given a speaker’s gift made by LaRue Odenbach. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary


                                    PRAIRIE TEXTILE ARTS GUILD MINUTES

                                                            April 14, 2018

The meeting started at 9:00 a.m. in the Great River Energy Room to enjoy a presentation by Karen Oby on Nӓvissӧm, birchbark embroidery, a Swedish embroidery technique.  She also presented a collection of advertising needlecases used by businesses to promote their businesses.  Audrey Spencer also had a collection of needlecases.  Karen Oby received a speaker’s gift made by Mary Beth Osborn.

At the business meeting, the minutes of the March 10, 2018, meeting were read.  Upon motion by Audrey Spencer, seconded by Deb Long, they were approved.

There was no treasurer’s report.

Committee reports:

No hospitality report. 

Publicity: The notice was in the paper.

No historian’s report.

No report from the webmaster.

No report from the program co-chairs.

After discussion, it was decided to start the May workshop at 9:30 and continue to 4:30. 

New Business:  Michelee Ripplinger raised the question whether PTAG would like to sponsor or to offer a class at the National Quilting Day event at the Heritage Center.  No action was taken at this meeting so that members could consider the issue. 

President Osborn reported Shelly Doyle indicated Capital Quilters is interested in a common meeting on the second Saturday in September from 9:30 to 10:30 at their Edgewood Vista meeting room. 

President Osborn reported she had had an inquiry from the library about changing the PTAG display to August through October.  Cris Orgaard moved and Audrey Spencer seconded the motion to make the change.  Motion approved.  It was again noted that a variety of mediums and a variety of skill levels in the pieces displayed. 

For the election of officers, Deb Long moved and Michele Ripplinger seconded the motion to accept and elect the previously published slate of officers.  The motion was approved.  The new officers will be:

            President:                                Linda Stewart

            Treasurer:                                Jan Dralle

            Secretary:                                Deb Long

            Program Chairs:                      Connie Werner and Kay Miller

            Historian:                                Michele Ripplinger

            Webmaster:                             Sandy Hyland

            Hospitality:                             Sandy Hyland and Kay Miller

            Publicity:                                 Audrey Spencer

Audrey Spencer thanked Mary Beth Osborn for serving as president for two years.  Bring and brag was held.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary                   

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