2015-2016 Minutes


Officers Meeting September 1, 2015 Minutes

The officers meeting of Prairie Textile Arts Guild was held on September 1, 2015 at the north Bismarck McDonald’s (near the Kmart parking lot).

Officers present were:   Sandy Hyland, President

                                       Jan Dralle, Treasurer

                                       Linda Stewart, Program co-chair

                                       Kay Miller, Hospitality

                                       Deb Arnold, Webmaster

                                       Michele Collins, Publicity

                                       Mary Beth Osborn, Secretary

Two publicity items were discussed. The first item was to change the advertisement in the Bismarck Tribune to let those interested in attending meetings know that PTAG will meet at the Great River Energy meeting room  (1611 E. Century Ave., Bismarck),  instead of the Veterans Memorial library.  Michele Collins was agreeable to having her phone number used as a contact number.  The second item was to inform Michele that Kevin Stanfield is the contact person for setting up the informational interview about PTAG on KFYR’s “North Dakota Today” show.  Michele also volunteered to find a contact to have an article about PTAG placed in the Be women’s magazine.

Linda Stewart informed officers of the tentative schedule of the 2015-2016 program schedule.   The programs are as follows:

September 2015             Marilyn Ragan- “Family Textiles”

October 2015              Hands-on project for making speaker’s gifts

November 2015          Jan Dralle - a hands-on class to make a "beaded Victorian ornament"      

December 2015              Brunch and ornament exchange

January 2016               Linda Stewart - “Needlework Hankies”

February 2016             Ila Marvel, Betty Groszans, Nancy Oss, Marilyn Ragan, Linda Stewart - "Bluettes and Their Wardrobes"

March 2016                 Stitch and Chat/Sharing of web addresses for members favorite websites for needleworking patterns and supplies

April 2016                   Karen Oby - “Vintage Aprons”

May 2016                    Open for member suggestions for field trip or workshop

Deb Arnold volunteered to make the September speaker’s gift.  Michele Collins volunteered to make the November speaker’s gift.

Dues of $20 for PTAG membership are due.

A sign-up sheet will be sent around so that those who are interested can sign up for Jan Dralle’s ornament class. In order for Jan to order the right amount of necessary supplies, a fee of $10 will be charged to anyone interested in taking the class.  It will be payable before or/at the October meeting.  It was decided any extra cost which might be incurred will be picked up by PTAG.

Sandy will ask for volunteers at the September meeting to form an audit committee on the treasury ledger since the audit has not been done on its required time basis.

A list will also be passed around so members may sign up to provide speaker’s gifts.

Meeting adjourned.

Mary Beth Osborn, secretary

PTAG Minutes September 2015

Prairie Textile Arts Guild met September 12, 2015 at 9:30am in the meeting room at Great River Energy, President Sandy Hyland presiding.  Nineteen members and two guests were present.

Minutes from the Officers’ Meeting and the May meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer:  Jan Dralle, treasurer, reported a treasury balance of $  .  PTAG membership dues of $20 for the 2015-2016 season are due.

Webmaster:  Deb Arnold reported the PTAG website on Tripod would transition to a more advanced website.  The editor would be easier to use.  PTAG would still have a functioning website during the transition.  The site would also have fewer advertisements.

Hospitality:  No report

Publicity:  No report

Historian:  No report

Program chairs:   Linda Stewart presented the list of possible programs for 2015-2016.  Members need to decide if they want a workshop for the May 2016 meeting.  March would be too late to plan a workshop.

The program for October is to make speaker’s gifts for times when there would be multiple speakers or lack of a speaker’s gift.  The discussion was held and the decision was to make scissors fobs.  LaRue Odenbach would be willing to share a pattern for a fob from a previous program.  Linda Stewart was authorized to accumulate the necessary supplies. Carol Kapsner moved that PTAG pick up the purchasing expenses for the fobs.  Kay Miller seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Jan Dralle will teach how to make a beaded Victorian ornament in November.  A sign-up list was passed around for those interested in taking the mini-workshop.  The fee is $10, payable to Jan.

New Business: Carol Kapsner and Connie Werner volunteered to be the audit committee to examine the treasurer’s book.

Old Business: Sandy Hyland said she was having trouble emailing members the monthly meeting announcement but was working on it. She asked anyone who had trouble receiving it to let her know. Jean Wolf suggested blind copying be used to eliminate everyone’s name being on the emails.

Announcement: Linda Stewart mentioned three BSC “Enrichment” classes that members might be interested in attending. They are:  “Dyeing with Real Indigo”, “Japanese Shibori, Design 1”, and “Japanese Shibori, Design 2”.

The speaker’s gift, presented to Marilyn Ragan, was provided by Deb Arnold.  It was a 15” two-color market bag.

Bring and Brag was held.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Osborn, Secretary

PTAG Minutes October 2015

Prairie Textile Arts Guild met October 10, 2015 in the meeting room at Great River Energy.  Program Co-chair Linda Stewart officiated for the absent President Sandy Hyland.  Fourteen members and one guest were present.

The minutes were approved on a motion made by Karen Oby and seconded by Elaine DeBilzan.

Treasurer:  No report.  On the question of who paid with an unaccounted 20-dollar bill for fees to the November hands-on workshop, Deb Arnold said she had given Jan Dralle a twenty dollar bill.  Her name was not on the list as paid. The fee is ten dollars, leaving the excess ten dollars unaccounted for.

Hospitality: Vicky Sanderson and Linda Stewart provided refreshments as part of the program.

Publicity: No report.

Historian: No report.

Webmaster: Deb Arnold reported that the PTAG website was not up-to-date do to a Midco mistake.  She stated that the minutes would soon be current.

Program:  The November program is to be a Victorian beaded ornament, a mini-class presented by Jan Dralle. Jan has made up fifteen kits so there is still room for people who are interested in taking the course. Payment for the class is due for those still owing. Members who are not interested in stitching an ornament are encouraged to bring something to stitch.

Linda Stewart had found a container with scissor fobs so the October program was changed to stitch-and-chat with refreshments. It was originally intended for the March program.

A discussion was held to gain some ideas for the May program. The following suggestions were put forth for members to think about:

a. Viewing of embroidered church vestments at the nunnery near Wahpeton.

b. Presentation by a dyer/weaver in Harvey.

c. Tour of Bismarck/Mandan churches' furnishings/vestments.

It was decided to postpone the decision. Members are encouraged to gather more ideas.

New Business:  No report.

Old Business:  Carol Kapsner reported that she and Connie Warner, as the audit committee, found the PTAG treasury books clean. An audit findings letter will be written.

New and old members were encouraged to hand create their own name tags if they don’t have one. The twenty-five cent fine for not having one would re-start in November.

Karen Oby suggested that the show-and-tell/bring-and-brag be held before the meeting as had been done at the September meeting. Vicky Sanderson suggested having the speaker’s gift as part of bring-and-brag.

Karen also bought up the idea of members voluntarily donating to the kitty of speaker’s gifts rather than sign up to make one for a specific month.

Bring-and-brag was held.

Meeting adjourned for stitch-and-chat.

Mary Beth Osborn, Secretary


PTAG Minutes November 2016


Prairie Textile Arts Guild met November 14, 2015 at 9:30 AM in the meeting room of the Great River Energy building.  Program co-chair Linda Stewart conducted the meeting for the absent president Sandy Hyland.

Eleven members were present.


Secretary:  The minutes were amended to indicate that members could donate an item to the Speaker’s Gift reserve anytime; however, a sign-up list would still be made available for those wishing to provide a gift for a specific month or program.  Also discussed was that Bring/Brag would be held before the speaker instead of before the meeting.    Deb Arnold moved that the minutes be accepted as amended. LaRue Odenbach seconded the motion.  The motion passed.


Treasurer:  Jan Dralle stated the balance in the treasury was $ .  Jan also passed out updated copies of the fiscal report for PTAG from June 1 to May 31.  Elaine DeBilzan moved to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion was seconded by Karen Oby.  The motion passed.  The extra ten dollars for the mini-workshop was accounted for.


Connie Werner read the audit letter from the treasury audit completed by herself and Carol Kapsner.  Karen Oby moved to accept the report.  There was a second to the motion by Elaine DeBilzan.  The motion passed.


Jan passed around a list for members to make sure their addresses, email addresses and phone numbers were correct.


Hospitality:  No report


Publicity:  No report


Historian:  No report


Webmaster:  Deb Arnold reported that the PTAG website on Tripod was correct.  Members were told to google Prairie Textile Arts Guild to connect more easily to the website.


Program:  The December meeting will be the ornament exchange and potluck at Sandy Hyland’s.  More information will be forthcoming.


New Business:  No report


Old Business:  The March meeting will be making scissor fobs.  It was then decided to table the Bring/Brag discussion until the January meeting.  The January program will be Vintage and Antique Hankies presented by Linda Stewart.


More suggestions for the May field trip were as follows:

a)      Larissa Harrison suggested a possible trip to Dakota Fiber Mill near Fargo.

b)      Jane Dralle mentioned the United Tribes museum as a possible field trip. Elaine DeBilzan

suggested that she and Jan check out the museum

c)      Deb Arnold said that maybe the Heritage Center might be amenable to presenting a program of how they store received materials.


The decision as to what members would like to do for the May meeting should be made at the March meeting.  This would provide time for details, such as date and time, to be worked out.


Bring and Brag was held.


A motion, made by Michelle Ripplinger and seconded by Larissa Harrison, to adjourn passed.


A mini-workshop on a Victorian beaded ornament was presented by Jan Dralle.


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Beth Osborn, secretary



PTAG Minutes January 2016


Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at the Great River Energy meeting room on January 9, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. with President Sandy Hyland presiding.  There were eighteen members present.


Secretary:  The November meeting minutes were approved as read.


Treasurer:  Jan Dralle reported the treasury had a balance of $ .  The non-profit form to be filed for PTAG is due at the Secretary of State’s Office on February 2, 2016.


Hospitality:  Not available


Publicity:  Not available


Historian:  Not available


Webmaster:  Deb Arnold said there was a difficulty on the Tripod website.  She was not able

to do editing and had asked the technical support for help.  As of the January meeting, she had not heard from them.


Program Chairs:  Setting up a May field trip or program will be discussed some more at the February meeting.  A decision should be made by the March meeting as to what members would like to do.  Jan Dralle suggested the possibility of having a Norwegian carver present a program.  She said she had seen it in the North Dakota Council on the Arts brochure and would try to bring the brochure to the next meeting for more information.


Karen Oby asked members to look for aprons for the April program.


New Business:  Not available


Old Business:   Kay Miller moved to have Bring-and-Brag held after the business meeting but

before the speaker’s presentation.  It was seconded by Linda Stewart.  The motion passed.


Deb Arnold told members that Michael’s was doing a charity afghan.  Each person interested would make a 7” x 9” square.  Knit and crochet patterns are provided on the website.  They are needed by January 17th.


Bring-and-Brag was held.


Linda Stewart provided the program “Vintage Hankies”.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Beth Osborn, secretary

PTAG Minutes February 2016 

Prairie Rose Textile Arts Guild met February 13, 2016 in the meeting room at Great River Energy.  Deb Arnold presided for absent President Sandy Hyland.  There were thirteen members present.

Secretary:  The minutes were amended to read that Jan Dralle suggested members consider, for the May program or field trip, going to see the Norwegian carvings/carver at the Heritage Center.  The motion to amend was made by Karen Oby and seconded by LaRue Odenbach.  The motion passed.

Treasurer:  Jan Dralle reported a balance in the treasury of $ .  She had sent the fee required to maintain the nonprofit status of PTAG to the Secretary of State’s office.  Carol Kapsner moved to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion was seconded by Audrey Spencer.  The motion passed.

Hospitality:  Vicky Sanders told members there were chocolate, chocolate, chocolate goodies for Valentine’s Day for those present to enjoy.

Publicity:  Not available

Historian:  Not available

Webmaster:  Deb Arnold is still having trouble with the PTAG Tripod website.  When everything has been switched over and working, she will email members to let them know.

Program Chairs:  Linda Stewart told members the program “Bluette Dolls and Their Wardrobes” had to be cancelled for the February meeting.  She consulted with Sandy Hyland who suggested having a stitch and chat after the meeting.

Linda also mentioned that we didn’t need to make scissor fobs in March.  She said she had a pattern of a felt needle book from Marilyn Ragan. Linda would make up the kits and hand the kits out at the March meeting.  The members would take them home to do any preliminary stitching and complete them at the April meeting.  Karen Oby and Vicky Sanderson volunteered to check their felt stash and bring felt for the needle book.

Karen Oby said she would move her “Vintage Aprons” program to March.  She asked those present to bring aprons to show.

Karen also suggested a possible field trip to United Tribes during the International Pow Wow in September to look at the beading and beads.

Jan Dralle and Elaine DeBilzan will take a look at the United Tribes museum and the Heritage Center to see which would be amenable for a May field trip.  They will present a report at the March meeting.

New Business:  PTAG members were in favor of donating to the Veteran’s Memorial library a memoriam in honor of Becky Quanrud.  Carol Kapsner will contact the library to find out what they might need.  Karen Oby moved to consider donating to the Veteran’s Memorial library up to $100 in Becky’s name, Carol Kapsner seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  A card will be provided for the donation in March.

The March meeting is the time to ask for a slate of officers for the following year.  Election of officers will take place at the April meeting.

Linda thanked Deb for running the meeting.

Bring and Brag was held.

Chocolate treats, stimulating conversation, and textile projects work followed.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Osborn


PTAG Minutes March 2016


Prairie Textile Arts Guild met on March 12, 2016 in the Great River Energy room, President Sandy Hyland presiding.  Seventeen members were present.


PTAG minutes:  The minutes for February were approved as read.


Treasurer:  There is a balance of $  in the treasury.  On a motion, made by Kay Miller and seconded by Sigrid Bucklin, the PTAG members agreed to pay Dakota West Arts Council dues.


Hospitality:  Vicky Sanderson brought lemon sugar cookies.


Publicity: Not available


Historian:  Not available


Web Master:  Deb Arnold said there were still problems with the PTAG website on Tripod and that they had not replied to her emails.


New Business:  A note was received from Marilyn Ragan thanking members for the speaker’s gift and having her present the textile art program.


Connie Werner shared a Facebook post from the Veteran’s Memorial library for a Winter Crafternoons meeting on March 13th in Room C.  It was for all types of crafts.


Carol Kapsner brought the PTAG banner for someone to store.  Connie Werner agreed to take it.


The president asked for volunteers to fill the vacant PTAG positions of president, secretary, two program chairpersons and historian for the 2016-2017 season.  The following members volunteered to fill in these offices:             

                         Jan Dralle---treasurer

                         Sandy Hyland and Kay Miller---hospitality

                         Larissa Harrison---publicity


Old Business:  Carol Kapsner had contacted the Veteran’s Memorial library to see what was recommended for the $100 memoriam which PTAG wanted to donate in Becky Quanrud’s name. The library suggested using the donation to have a bookbinding workshop for the librarians, conducted by Hal Neff.  A motion was made by Larissa Harrison and seconded by Carol Kapsner to donate the $100 to the library for use toward the bookbinding workshop.  Motion passed.


Elaine DeBilzan and Jan Dralle toured the art museum and campus at United Tribes for a possible May field trip.  The field trip would include a special luncheon prepared for PTAG members.  If it can be arranged a talk will be given by Butch Thunderhawk.  Karen Oby moved to tour United Tribes for the May field trip. The motion was seconded by Carol Kapsner.  More details about the May field trip will be furnished at the April meeting.  


Sunbonnet Sue needle book kits were passed out for members to do the pre- stitching.  The final assembly will be at the April meeting.


Bring and Brag was held.


Karen Oby presented the program on “Vintage Aprons”.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Beth Osborn, secretary



PTAG Minutes April 2016


Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on April 9, 2016 in the meeting room of Great River Energy.  The meeting was called to order by Sandy Hyland.  Eleven members and two guests were present.


Secretary:  The March minutes were approved as read.


Treasurer:  The PTAG treasury contains $ .  Dakota West Arts Council dues and the library donation for Becky’s memoriam were paid.


Hospitality:  Connie Werner brought granola bites to share.


Publicity:  Not available


Historian: Not available


Webmaster:  Not available


Program Chairs:  Elaine DeBilzan said she would check to make sure everything was in place

for the field trip in May.  The cost of the luncheon would be $6.00.  More details would be sent out.


Karen Oby discussed a possible “slow stitch” program she could present for the next PTAG year.  She also showed members an article about the difference between gross-grain and petersham ribbon.


It was also discussed of having, at the September meeting, a program where members would bring favorite books, magazines or other stitching media to share with members.


New Business:  None


Old Business:  Christine and Ann from the Veteran’s Memorial library were present to accept the $100 memoriam in Becky Quanrud’s name from PTAG, presented by President Sandy Hyland. 


A slate of the following PTAG officers for 2016-2017 was presented.  They are as follows:


            President – Mary Beth Osborn

            Secretary – Carol Kapsner

            Treasurer – Jan Dralle

            Hospitality – Kay Miller and Sandy Hyland

            Publicity – Larissa Harrison

            Historian – Michelle Ripplinger (assisted by Audrey Spencer)

            Webmaster – Deb Arnold

            Program Chairs – No volunteers


A motion was made by Connie Werner, seconded by Audrey Spencer, to accept the slate of officers.  Motion passed.


After a little discussion, Connie Werner volunteered to be program chairperson with Kay Miller and Sandy Hyland assisting.  Karen Oby moved to accept.  The motion was seconded by Carol Kapsner.  Motion passed.


Bring and Brag was held.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Mary Beth Osborn




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