2008-2009 Minutes



          President Larissa Harrison called a meeting of the executive committee for Tuesday, August 20, 2008, at the home of Sandy Hyland.  Present were Larissa Harrison, Sandy Hyland, Audrey Spencer and Carol Kapsner. 


          The first item of discussion was the program for September and the speaker’s gift.   After contact with Michele Ripplinger, it was determined that the September program was to be the members’ telling of their summer stitching and no speaker’s gift would be required.   Audrey Spencer would send a reminder to Lynn McCulley and Jan Dralle that no speaker’s gift would be required. 


          Larissa Harrison indicated she will contact Jan Dralle for an email listing for the members and would send a meeting reminder about 7-10 days in advance of each meeting. 


          It was noted that an inventory of the supplies for coffee at the meetings would need to be taken before the first meeting.  Audrey Spencer will stop at Marillac Manor to check on this.  Sandy Hyland offered to accompany her, if needed.  


          Audrey Spencer suggested it be proposed to the membership that the May field trip be to the Sacred Heart convent at Richardton to see Llama Woolworks, where llama and alpaca fibers are spun and made into articles for sale.  If approved by the membership, Audrey has the information about the contact for making arrangements. 


          Respectfully Submitted,

          Carol Kapsner, Secretary



SEPTEMBER 13, 2008


The meeting of the Prairie Textile Arts Guild was held at Marillac Manor on September 13, 2008, with Larissa Harrison presiding.  The minutes of the Executive Committee held August 20, 2008, were read.  A motion was made by Audrey Spencer and seconded by Colleen Nelson to approve the minutes.  The motion passed. 


Treasurer Jan Dralle reported PTAG has $.  Karen Oby moved and Sigrid Bucklin seconded to approve the treasurer’s report.  The motion passed.


Michele Ripplinger reported on programs for the year.  In October, Shawna Fricke will be presenting a program on beading and jewelry.  There will be a nominal fee of approximately $5 to be paid to the presenter.  The November meeting date has to be changed to November 15, due to the unavailability of the meeting room on the usual day.  In November LaRue Odenbach and Deb Arnold will be doing a program at which scissor fobs will be made for occasions when there are multiple presenters.  Members were advised that they could also purchase kits to make scissors fob for their own use.  Michele noted that this program may be moved to a later month to accommodate scheduling of presenters.  The May field trip was discussed, including the suggestion of Audrey Spencer as noted in the minutes of August 20.  It was moved by Karen Oby and seconded by Deb Arnold to explore a field trip to Llama Wool Works in Richardton.  The motion passed and it was suggested that the trip might include a side trip to see a potter in Richardton or in Hebron. 


Audrey Spencer reported that she had not been able to do an inventory of lunch supplies yet but would do so at a later time.  Carol Kapsner noted that she and Becky Quanrud would not be at the October meeting and requested a substitute for providing the lunch on that date.  Audrey Spencer and Linda Stewart indicated they were willing to provide October lunch and Becky Quanrud and Carol Kapsner could provide November lunch.  A “thank you” was extended to Kaye Halvorson for her help in setting up the room. 


Karen Oby reported that she has not yet begun to invite former members to re-join PTAG.  Karen also reported that she has contacted the Veteran’s Memorial Public Library about having a display in the foyer there.  It would be a three month display.  The available dates were:  1) February 2010 and 2) November 2009.  It was suggested that a possible content of the display could be the ornaments that members have exchanged at the December meeting if we get the November date.  Karen will contact Kathy Vandervorst (355-1487) to make arrangements. 


Announcements were made of various upcoming events, including Capital Quilters’ Quiltfest beginning October 31, the Fargo Indian Summer quilt display commencing next weekend, the fall book sale October 2 through 4, the display at BAGA September 2 through 27 and the Badlands Quilt Retreat on October 10 through 12.  


Lunch was provided by Jan Dralle and Michele Ripplinger.  Following lunch, the members discussed the stitching and other creative projects that each had been engaged in during the summer. 


The meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary




OCTOBER 11, 2008


The meeting of the Prairie Textile Arts Guild was held at Marillac Manor on October 11, 2008 with Larissa Harrison presiding. The minutes were read and amending as follows. 


*  added the guild balance on hand as of September 13, 2008 $                                                                                                                                          * added to the 3rd paragraph, 2nd to last sentence the word "wool" between the words Llama and Works.  


A motion was made by Kay Miller and seconded by LaRue Odenbach to approve the minutes as amended. The motion passed.


Treasurer Jan Dralle reported PTAG has $ balance on hand.


Michele Ripplinger reported on programs for the year. The program which was scheduled for this meeting was cancelled due to the presenter being out of town. This will be pursued to see if she would be willing to present at a later date. Avis Dissell graciously stepped in last minute to present a program.


Michele also noted that there was an opening for the February meeting but that they are working 2 people and has a suggestion for a 3rd person as a presenter.


For the Richardton field trip, we could have lunch at the Richardton Abbey. This was discussed and the consensus was to pursue this as an option.


The December meeting is the ornament exchange and potluck lunch. Anyone wishing to participate in the exchange should bring a wrapped hand stitched ornament.


The Scissor Fob class will be held on November 15, 2008 [one week later than the normal meeting date].  The sign-up list was sent around for the last time. The supplies have not been ordered to date so the cost is unknown but will probably be in the range of $4-5. Michele will check with those who were not in attendance to see if they wish to take the class. She will communicate this information to LaRue and Deb.


The hostesses for the November meeting will be Carol Kapsner and Becky Quanrud.  The speakers gift will be Larissa Harrison.


There was no publicity report.


Announcements were made that October 31 – November 1 will be the 2008 Quilt Fest at the Radisson Motel in Bismarck; there are still openings in all classes.


Lunch was provided by Linda Stewart and Audrey Spencer.


Following lunch the program was presented by Avis Dissell “Happy Hands Make Happy Hearts.” The speaker’s gift was created by Jan Dralle.


The program showed the many crafts and needle arts that Avis engages in. Following the program was Bring and Brag.


Elaine DeBilzan moved that the meeting be adjourned. It was seconded by Deb Arnold. Motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Deb Arnold




NOVEMBER 15, 2008


            A meeting was held November 15, 2008 at 9:40 a.m. at Marillac Manor with Larissa Harrison presiding.  Fourteen members were present.  Karen Oby moved, and Audrey Spencer seconded the motion, to approve the minutes of the October meeting.  Motion passed. 


            Treasurer Jan Dralle reported $ in the account.  She will prepare a membership list for distribution at the December meeting.  Upon motion by Carol Kapsner, seconded by Karen Oby, the treasurer’s report was approved. 


            Michele Ripplinger reported the December meeting would be a potluck brunch and the ornament exchange for those wishing to participate in the exchange.  In January, Becky Quanrud will present on samplers.  February is open.  The March meeting will have Sons of Norway and the April meeting will have Joy Poppke, owner of Bismarck Quilting and Sewing on needle punch.  The May meeting will be a field trip to Llama Wool Works in Richardton with lunch at Richardton Abbey.  Another stop to see potter Robin Reynolds will also be pursued for the field trip. 


            LaRue Odenbach reported that she had seen former member Lorraine Paulson in Fargo and Lorraine sent her greetings to the members.  LaRue also mentioned that DMC has a product called “Variations.”   It is similar to Weeks Dye Works but without the problem of dye lot changes.  The variations are subtle and the material is good for samplers and ornaments. 


            Deb Arnold moved and Alice Coats seconded a motion to adjourn the business meeting, which was approved.  Lunch was provided by Carol Kapsner.


            A workshop for making beaded and tasseled scissor fobs was presented by LaRue Odenbach and Deb Arnold.  Members made fobs for presentation by the guild when multiple presenters do a program.  Members were also able to purchase additional kits for personal use.  Larissa Harrison presented speakers’ gifts to Deb and LaRue.


Bring and Brag was held.


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary




December 13, 2008


December was our annual Christmas Ornament exchange and potluck luncheon.




˜The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on January 10, 2009 in the meeting room at Marillac Manor.

˜The meeting was called to order by President Larissa Harrison/

˜There were no minutes from December (Christmas Social).


Reports of officers and standing committees:

Program : Becky Quanrud presented a very interesting program on the history and development of samplers. She had several examples for us to examine.


Lena Enochson from Hazelton will do our program in February. In April, Joy Papke will show Russina needlepunch. On May 9th, we will tour and have lunch in Richardton @ Sacred Heart. Possibly will have a stop in Hebron to see Robin Reynolds and her pottery.


            Secretary: no report


Treasurer : Deb Arnold reported for Jan Dralle -

$ in our account.


Publicity : no report


Webmaster : no report


Hospitality : no report


Historian : no report



Reports of Ad Hoc Committees:


Audit Committee: none


            Nominating Committee: Think about officers for next year.


Unfinished Business:


New Business:


Announcements: Arlene Olson is on “caring bridge” while in Mpls having her cancer treatment.

Old Governor’s Mansion is having a craft fair Jan. 31st.

U of Mary is having their Christian Art Fair on Palm Sunday, April 5th.


Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Hyland, Acting Secretary



FEBRUARY 14, 2009 


          Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 a.m., February 14, 2009, at Marillac Manor with Michele Ripplinger presiding.  The minutes of the January 10, 2009, meeting were read and the following amendments were offered.  Arlene Strand, not Arlene Olson, is on Caring Bridge during her cancer treatments in Minnesota.  A hospitality report had been given at the prior meeting.  It was noted that Jan Dralle had not been present to give her report due to the death of her sister.  It was moved by Karen Oby and seconded by Audrey Spencer to approve the minutes as amended.  Motion carried. 


          Jan Dralle reported that there was still $__ in the guild’s account and the treasurer’s report was approved. 


          The Guild will have an exhibit at the Veterans Memorial Library for three months beginning Novemeber 2009.  Kathy Vandervorst (335-1487) is the library contact for the exhibit.  Jan Dralle and Kay Miller will chair the committee to organize the exhibit. 


          Under hospitality Audrey Spencer noted that LaRue Odenbach and Karen Oby will be hosts for the March meeting and the speaker’s gift would be scissors fobs because there will be two presenters.  Sandy Hyland and Carol Kapsner will be the hosts for the April meeting.


          A request was made for a chair of a nominating committee to solicit officers for the upcoming year.  No response was received. 


          Michele Ripplinger reported that the March meeting would be a presentation by Sons of Norway on hardanger.  The April presentation will be on needlepunch by Joy Papke.  It was noted that if the April meeting includes a small hands-on project, the members could share needlepunch needles rather than purchasing them.  In May, the field trip will be to Llama Woolworks at Sacred Heart Monastery in Richarton.  We will also be able to have lunch there. 


          Announcements:  March 21, 2009 is National Quilting Day at the Heritage Center.  Michele Ripplinger will be teaching one of the classes that will be offered.  The library book sale will be March 5, 6 and 7. 


          Deb Arnold moved, seconded by Elaine DeBilzan to adjourn the business meeting.  Lunch was provided by Arlene Olson and Sigrid Bucklin.  A program, with trunk show, was provided by Linae Enockson  with the theme “Green Fiber Revolution.” Michele Ripplinger made and presented the speaker’s gift.  Members shared projects they were working on or had completed. 


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary




MARCH 14, 2009  



            On March 14, 2009, the Prairie Textile Arts Guild met in Marillac Manor at 9:30 a.m. with Larissa Harrison presiding.  A card was circulated for sending messages to Arlene Strand.


            The minutes of the prior meeting were read and approved.  Treasurer Jan Dralle indicated that the Guild has a balance of $ and the treasurer’s report was approved.   It was moved by Karen Oby and seconded by Elaine DeBilzan to continue PTAG’s membership in Dakota West Arts Council.  Motion carried. 


            Committee reports:


1.         Michele Ripplinger reported that the April meeting would be needlepunch with Joy Papke.  An email will be sent in advance of the meeting giving the cost of the kit.  Michele indicated that a sheet would be circulated soliciting program ideas for next year.  She confirmed that the field trip in May was arranged for Llama Woolworks at Sacred Heart Monastery in Richardton. 


2.                Karen Oby indicated that the library had been advised that Jan Dralle and Kay Miller will chair the committee to arrange the display at the library beginning in November, 2009.  Pieces should be representative of fall, Christmas and winter for a three month display.  It was indicated that there should also be unfinished pieces to show the steps of doing a needleart piece.  There should be pieces showing various skill levels.  The display should also have pictures of Guild activities such as meetings and workshops and a brochure.  Pictures should be brought to the April meeting and the stitched pieces for display should be brought to the September meeting for selection by the chairs.  Deb Arnold offered to scan any pictures that are brought.    


Larissa indicated that new officers should be elected at the April meeting because of the May field trip.  A sheet was circulated for volunteers to serve in the offices.  The following have volunteered:


            President                     Michele Ripplinger

            Program Co-Chairs     Deb Arnold and Sandy Hyland

            Secretary                     Colleen Nelson

            Treasurer                     Jan Dralle

            Publicity                      Karen Oby

            Webmaster                  Lynn McCulley

            Hospitality                  Arlene Olson

            Historian                     Michele Ripplinger


            For announcements, it was suggested that we talk with Marillac Manor about the room being set up in advance of the meeting.  Michele indicated that March 21 was National Quilting Day with a quilt show and classes being offered at the Heritage Center.  On April 24-26, the Missouri Valley Quilters were presenting classes and a trunk show by Deb Caffrey at Trinity Lutheran Church.


            After lunch provided by Larue Odenbach and Karen Oby, Arlene Olson introduced the program.  She acknowledged that Arlene Strand had helped with making   arrangements for the presentation of hardanger by Sons of Norway members Joyce Fox and Lorna Tyson.  Scissors fobs were presented to Lorna, Joyce and Arlene Olson for organizing and presenting the program. 


            Bring and Brag was held, after which LaRue Odenbach moved to adjourn, seconded by Arlene Olson.  


Respectfully submitted, 

Carol Kapsner, Secretary


PRAIRIE TEXTILE ART GUILD MINUTES                                APRIL 11, 2009


            The guild held its meeting April 11, 2009, at Marillac Manor with Larissa Harrison presiding.  The secretary read the minutes which were approved as read.  Jan Dralle reported that she had paid Dakota West Arts Council and that the present balance in the guild’s account is $.  Sandy Hyland moved and Karen Oby seconded the motion to approve the report, which motion carried. 


            Michele Ripplinger passed a signup sheet for program suggestions for the following year.  She reported on arrangements for the field trip in May to Richardton.  Lunch will be at a cost of $5.00.  We will meet in the parking lot at

K-Mart at 9:30 to go to Richardton. 


            Larissa indicated that officers for next year needed to be elected.  It was moved by Alice Schott and seconded by Sandy Hyland to accept the slate of officers appearing in the March minutes and elect them unanimously.  The motion was approved.  The following are officers for the 2009-2010 year:


                        President:                    Michele Ripplinger

                        Program Co-Chairs:    Deb Arnold and

                                                            Sandy Hyland

                        Secretary:                    Colleen Nelson

                        Treasurer:                    Jan Dralle

                        Publicity:                     Karen Oby

                        Webmaster:                 Lynn McCulley

                        Hospitality:                 Arlene Olson

                        Historian:                    Michele Ripplinger


            For announcements, the Mandan Art Show is being held April 24-26.  The Missouri Valley Quilters are having a workshop with Deb Caffrey April 24-26, with a trunk show at Trinity Lutheran Church on April 26.  Admission is $5.


            The business meeting was adjourned.  Lunch was provided by Sandy Hyland and Kay Miller.  Following lunch,  Joy Papke from Bismarck Quilting and Sewing presented a hands-on program on needlepunch.  A speaker’s gift was presented to her made by Deb Arnold. 


            Bring and brag was held. 


            Respectfully submitted, 

            Carol Kapsner, Secretary




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