2007-2008 Minutes


SEPTEMBER, 2007                          




            Seventeen members and one guest attended the September 8, 2007, meeting of Prairie Textile Arts Guild, held in Marillac Manor.  President Sandy Hyland opened the meeting at 9:30 a.m.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted with one correction, indicating that the hospitality position was filled by Kay Miller.


            President Hyland asked for reports of officers and standing committees.  Program chair Larissa Harrison asked members for their ideas for programs.  Treasurer Jan Dralle reported --- in the treasury, rent has been paid, and current dues of $20 are due.  PTAG pins were passed out to any member wishing to take one.  Hospitality chair Kay Miller indicated that two additional hostesses were needed for the December meeting.  Michele Ripplinger requested pictures for the scrapbook.


            Under unfinished business, Deb Arnold reported that she was still waiting to hear from Dakota Rogers for the blackwork workshop.  She has requested all information and advised the designer of our time frames.


            Under the request for new business, none was reported.  However, members gave announcements of various art, book, and textile shops and activities in the area.


            Food was provided by Arlene Strand and Elaine DeBilzan.  Following refreshments,  a program on needlepunch tools,  books, materials and techniques was provided by Deb Long and Larissa Harrison.  Websites for needlepunch appear below the minutes.  Speakers’ gifts made by Jan Dralle were presented to Deb and Larissa.


            After Bring and Brag, the meeting was adjourned. 


                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Carol Kapsner



Russian needle punch







The October 13, 2007, meeting of the Guild was held at Marillac Manor, with Sandy Hyland presiding.  President Hyland welcomed new member Linda Stewart.  Sixteen members attended. 


A motion was made by Deb Arnold and seconded by Larissa Harrison to approve the minutes of the last meeting as published on the website.  The motion passed. 


Reports by officers and special committees were requested by President Hyland.


Larissa Harrison reported the program at the next meeting would be bobbin lace and at the December meeting, there would be a potluck. She reminded members to bring utensils and plates. 


Jan Dralle reported that there is $ in the treasury and she passed out copies of the audited financial statement of the Guild. 


Lynn McCulley suggested that she receive more information about the programs to put into the newsletter. 


Hospitality Chair Kay Miller reminded the hostesses for each meeting need to come early to set up and start the coffee. 


Karen Oby reported that she and Michele Ripplinger had audited the financial records of the Guild for the past two years.  They had found only one discrepancy which did not affect the treasury balance.  She indicated that the written report will be brought to the next meeting. 



Karen Oby reported on the progress of the blackwork workshop to be held in 2008.  She indicated that 12 members planned to take the workshop.  Discussion followed on the contribution of the Guild to the costs of the workshop.  Regarding the costs of the kits, LaRue Odenbach moved and Becky Quanrud seconded the motion that persons taking the workshop pay $25 toward the cost of the kits and the Guild cover the remaining costs of the kits.  The motion was approved.  It was discussed that the remaining costs to be paid by the Guild would be the teacher's fees.    Carol Kapsner moved and Larissa Harrison seconded the motion that the fee of $25 for the kit be paid not later than the December meeting.  The motion was approved. 


The President called for new business.  Arlene Strand indicated that she had brought beading and stitching items from an estate which were available to the members in exchange for a donation that would go to a charity chosen by the decedent's sister. 


The hostesses who provided treats for the meeting were Becky Quanrud and Carol Kapsner


The program was provided by Deb Ness, the owner of the new Quilt Haus, who told the members of her new store and her plans for further development of the store.  A speaker's gift made by Becky Quanrud was presented to Deb Ness. 


After Bring and Brag, the meeting was adjourned. 


Respectfully submitted

Carol Kapsner










The November 10, 2007, meeting of the Guild was held at

9:30 a.m. in Marillac Manor, with Larissa Harrison presiding.  The minutes of the previous meeting were read.  A motion was made by Audrey Spencer to correct the minutes to show the hostesses for the previous meeting.  With the correction, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved. 


Treasurer Jan Dralle reported that the Guild had $ on deposit.  It was moved by LaRue Odenbach, seconded by Sigrid Bucklin and approved to pay $ to Jan for bias tape for the blackwork workshop. 


Larissa called for reports.  Kay Miller reported the December potluck will be hosted by Larissa Harrison, Sandy Hyland and Kay Miller.  Kay indicated the January and February hostesses would not get reminder notices.  For the blackwork workshop to be held February 9, 2008, participants should bring sack lunches and the hostesses, Michele Ripplinger and Deb Long, would provide snacks for morning coffee. 


Deb Arnold indicated she was having difficulty getting the necessary threads for the blackwork workshop, but would continue her efforts.  She reminded participants that each would need to have 14” stretcher bars and tacks or staples.  Jan Dralle said that she would pass out fabric at the January meeting so that it could be mounted before the start of the workshop. 


Larissa reported that the January program needs to be changed.  She suggested it be a meeting for working on unfinished projects, especially ones with problems that could be discussed with members.  She also suggested that it could be a meeting at which workshop participants could mount their fabrics on stretcher bars.     


Jan Dralle suggested that a program for later meetings could be Amy Munson who had offered a crazy quilt beading class at the recent Quiltfest.  Amy had also entered beaded fabric postcards which would make a good presentation. 


Under new business, Jan Dralle passed out new membership lists.  It was reported that there was a need for volunteers to make knitted caps for newborns at St. Alexius and that volunteers could contact Sue Lacher. LaRue Odenbach inquired whether sufficient bags had been received for the library project in Mandan and Deb Long reported that enough were received.  Deb Arnold showed a “Kissing Pillow” which is stitched and then presented to service people who are being deployed and their family members and indicated that she could provide information for anyone interested in making a pillow.


The hostesses for the luncheon were Alice Coats and Arlene Olson.


Following lunch, a program on lace was presented by Mary Beth Osborn, Cris Orgaard and Joan Onstad.  The three talked about the history, tools and processes of making lace and demonstrated bobbin lace-making.  They also had examples of laces.  Gifts for the three presenters were provided by Alice Coats. 


Following Bring and Brag, the meeting was adjourned.                                                  Respectfully submitted, 

Carol Kapsner





The December 8, 2007, meeting of the Guild was held at 9:30 a.m. in Marillac Manor with Sandy Hyland presiding. The minutes of the previous meeting were read. A motion was made by Kay Miller and seconded to approve the minutes of the last meeting. The motion passed.


Treasurer Jan Dralle reported that the Guild had $ on deposit.


It was moved by Arlene Strand and seconded to pay $ to Kay Miller for PTAG/hostess supplies.  Motion passed.


Larissa Harrison reported that Amy Munson had been contacted and would be presenting the program for March.  Amy is deciding on what the project will be – name tag, etc.


Jan Dralle reported that she will provide information to Lynn McCulley regarding the February which can be published on the website and sent out with the meeting notice.


Following the meeting was the Christmas potluck; hostess was Larissa Harrison. The ornament exchange and Bring and Brag followed brunch.


Following Bring and Brag, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Deb Arnold

Acting Secretary





Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 a.m., January 12, 2008, in the downstairs meeting room at Marillac Manor, Bismarck.  Sixteen members were present; there were no guests.

Larissa Harrison presided.


The treasurer reported a balance of $, and stated that bills had been paid up to date.  A motion was made and passed that the treasurer's report be accepted.  Later two bills in connection with the February blackwork class were turned in for payment.


Coming programs were briefly discussed:  the blackwork class in February and a program by Amy Monson in March.


Jan Dralle discussed possible problems for the February workshop because of the recently adopted locked-door policy at Marillac Manor.  Michelle Collins said she would deal with it, since she has had some experience with it in her quilting group.


Larissa Harrison mentioned a handicraft event to be held at the former governors' residence on February 2.


Elaine DeBilzan suggested Carol Guymer of Mandan as a possible program presenter.


A brief discussion was had of possibly having a needlework show in conjunction with Bismarck Arts & Galleries Association.


A discussion was had of the problems of setup for meetings.  Jan Dralle said she would discuss the situation with management.


Karen Oby described a knitting source in Fargo called Chrysalis.  She said anyone interested should call ahead.  The address is 1200 First Avenue North, Suite 3, the telephone number is 701-364-9408, and the e-mail address is

Michele Ripplinger mentioned a business in Minot called Yarn Stash.


Lynn McCulley moved, seconded by Deb Arnold, that the meeting adjourn.  The motion carried.


Respectfully submitted:

Carol Ronning Kapsner, Secretary




                      The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met March 8, 2008 in the Marillac Manor, with Sandy Hyland presiding.  Fifteen members and one guest attended. 


                      The minutes were read.  Corrections were made, indicating that minutes had been taken at the December meeting and the Fargo business known as Chrysalis should be described as a knitting source, rather than service.  With corrections, the minutes were approved. 


                      Larissa Harrison reported no program has yet been established for the April meeting but she will notify members through the website when one is determined. 


                      Carol Kapsner proposed that the May field trip be to the Heritage Center, after requesting to view “The Fabric of North Dakota” which is a large piece stitched by members of the Northern Lights Chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America.  The piece has been brought to the Heritage Center for donation along with the notebook describing its design and execution.   Larissa Harrison said that she will check to determine if the piece has been accepted and will make arrangements for the field trip to the Heritage Center, if arrangements can be made for Saturday and will also ask that some other items of embroidery and beadwork be available for viewing. 


                      Treasurer Jan Dralle reported there is $ in PTAG’s account and all bills are paid.  She also reported the cost to PTAG for the Dakota Rogers’ blackwork workshop taught by Jan Dralle and Mary Beth Osborn was $274.79.   Upon motion and second, the treasurer’s report was approved. 


                      Lynn McCulley indicated she had no report for the newsletter except that there were several recipes on the website and she was not sure whether to delete them.  After a discussion about putting pictures on the website, Deb Arnold offered to forward digital pictures from which Lynn could choose which to put on the website. 


                      Kay Miller discussed the hostesses and gift make for the April meeting and historian Michele Ripplinger asked that pictures be forwarded to her for inclusion in the guild’s records. 


                      Sandy requested nominations for the officers of PTAG for next year.  The following slate was proposed for voting at the next meeting:


         President:                    Larissa Harrison

         Program Chairs:          Lynn McCulley and

                                                      Michele Ripplinger

         Publicity:                     Karen Oby

         Treasurer:                    Jan Dralle

         Secretary:                    Carol Kapsner

         Webmaster:                 Lynn McCulley

         Hospitality:                 Audrey Spencer


                      President Hyland asked for other business.  Deb Arnold indicated the Mandan Art Show would like to display more needlearts in its show.  Deb has submitted entries for this year and she encouraged other PTAG’s members to consider participating next year since it was too late to enter this year.  She noted participation in a public showing will raise awareness of needlearts.  Jan Dralle suggested that Deb make a list of different types of needlearts that PTAG members do and that PTAG try to get members to submit samples of each type next year. 


                      It was noted the University of Mary art show would be next week.


                      Jan Dralle noted for those members who took the blackwork workshop, the alternate directions that she created for Band Six should be corrected.  In Step 1 of Band 6, the arrow for stitch 7 should be reversed. 


                      Michele Ripplinger said she will be going to Minot to take quilts to be entered in the state fair this summer.  She indicated she would also be willing to deliver items of needlework if any member wished to enter them in the state fair and didn’t want to travel to Minot. 


                      Refreshments were provided by Audrey Spencer and Colleen Nelson.


                      The program for the morning was given by Amy Munson who taught the members to do beaded nametags.  A speaker’s gift was presented to Amy that had been made by Arlene Olson. 


                      Following the nametag workshop, members and guest Deborah Harrison displayed the stitched and knitted items they had brought. 



Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary






Prairie Textile Arts Guild met April 12, 2008, at the Marillac Manor, with thirteen members present. Kay Miller presided.   The minutes of the prior meeting were read and approved.  Treasurer Jan Dralle reported $1,530.03 in the Guild’s account. 


The May meeting will be a field trip to the Heritage Center at which Jenny Yearous, a textile historian, will be the presenter.  The Guild is to meet at 10:15 at the Heritage Center’s meeting rooms to view the centennial piece donated by the Northern Lights Chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America and other needlearts in the collection of the State Historical Society.   Larissa Harrison reported that there would be no room fee but suggested it would be appropriate to make a donation to the Heritage Center.  Karen Oby made and Becky Quanrud seconded a motion to donate $50 to the Heritage Center.  Sigrid Bucklin volunteered to make a speaker’s gift for Jenny Yearous. 


Karen Oby made and Deb Arnold seconded a motion to accept the slate of officers presented at the last meeting and to elect that slate.   The motion was approved.  The officers for the next year of the Guild are:


     President:                 Larissa Harrison

     Program Chairs:       Lynn McCulley 

                                        Michele Ripplinger

     Secretary:                 Carol Kapsner

     Treasurer:                 Jan Dralle

     Publicity:                  Karen Oby

     Webpage:                 Lynn McCulley

     Historian:                  Michele Ripplinger

     Hospitality:               Audrey Spencer


Under new business, Deb Arnold raised the issue of having speaker’s gifts when there are multiple presenters because it puts a burden on the person who has volunteered to make a gift for that month.  Karen Oby suggested a meeting be devoted to making scissor fobs so that they could be used when the Guild needs multiple gifts rather than one individual being responsible for more than one gift.  LaRue Odenbach agreed to do a workshop on the scissor fobs.  Michele Ripplinger indicated she would work with the speaker’s gift makers to coordinate when multiple gifts would be needed.  Kay Miller moved that the presenters of the workshop on scissor fobs be authorized to purchase necessary materials at PTAG’s cost.  Carol Kapsner seconded the motion, which was approved. 


Under announcements, it was reported that the Mandan Art Show was being held and Deb Arnold’s Star Gazer Lily had been given a ribbon.  Deb encouraged other members to enter the show in the future and suggested members could be at the show to do demonstrations.  Deb agreed to report the dates of the show and costs of entry in the fall. Deb Arnold reported that the program Antiques Roadshow would be at the Embroiderers’ Guild of American in Louisville, Kentucky, and the program would air on Prairie Public TV.  Colleen Nelson brought a piece that she had entered in the University of Mary art show and suggested that the art show be a field trip in the future.  Deb Arnold volunteered to make spreadsheets of past members to do an outreach to those past members.  Michele Ripplinger  volunteered to take any needlework entries to the State Fair in July.


Lunch was provided by Sigrid Bucklin and LaRue Odenbach, with Bring and Brag following. 


A program on artist’s trading cards was presented by Larissa Harrison who brought materials for members to use in making their own trading cards.  The speaker’s gift presented to Larissa was made by Deb Arnold. 


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary







          Thirteen members and one guest, Mikki Fried,   attended the PTAG field trip to the Heritage Center on May 10, 2008.  Jenny Yearous, Curator of Collections Management of the State Historical Society, was the presenter.  On display was the centennial piece created by members of the Northern Lights Chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America in 1989, which had been donated to the Historical Society together with its documentation.    Also on display were several textile items from the Historical Society’s collection. 


            Jenny Yearous discussed the preservation of textiles in an acid free environment.  At the request of PTAG members,  Jenny gave information on the sources of acid free materials used by the Historical Society.  She indicated that for materials derived from a protein source such as silk, wool, and leather, in addition to having acid free materials, one should use a product that is “unbuffered.”  Although buffered materials are acceptable for linen and cotton, she indicated that she uses unbuffered materials for everything.   Jenny also suggested using a PH tester on the container or place that textiles were to be stored.


            The sources for acid free materials which are used by the Historical Society are as follows, with website information and toll free phone numbers:


            Gaylord Bros.



                        (Click on Archival, then Specialty Storage, then Textiles)


            Light Impressions



                        (Seems more directed at document storage)


            The Archival Company



                       (Click on, then Textile conservation)


 No business meeting was conducted. 


 Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kapsner, Secretary






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