April 03

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The Prairie Textile Arts Guild met at 9:30 am on April 12, 2003 in the meeting room at Marillac Manor.

The meeting was called to order by President Kay Miller.

Nineteen members and two guests were present.

The minutes of the March 8, 2003 meeting were approved as read.  

Reports of officers and standing committees:

"Treasurer (Jan Dralle) reported a balance in the treasury of $ 814,56.  She distributed a list of new members and told those present this would be the last updated list.

"Historian (Cindy Zimmermann):

"Hospitality (Kaye and Elise Halvorson):  Three lists were passed around for members to sign.  One was for hostesses for next year.  Another was a sign-up for speaker’s gifts and the third was to write down ideas for next year’s programs.

"Newsletter ():

"Program (Krista Andrews and LaRue Odenbach): The next program is the “Shop Hop to Fargo”.  Shops included are Shakespeare’s Peddler, Yarn Renaissance, Nordic Needle, Designer Fabrics, Hemp and Bead (only open to members after three o’clock).  Members are to meet at 7:15 am at Marillac Manor and leave by 7:30 am.

"Publicity (Elaine DeBilzan):  Becky congratulated Elaine for the design of the pamphlet.  She said that when she saw the pamphlet at Linda’s it really leaped out because of the color. 

Unfinished Business:

     Sandy Hyland moved to approve the slate of officers as nominated for next year.  Krista Andrews seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

      The following are the officers for next year:

o       President- Kay Miller

o       Treasurer-Jan Dralle           

o       Secretary-Arlene Olson           

o       Historian-Mary Beth Osborn           

o       Publicity-Elaine DeBilzan           

o       Program Chairs-Sandie Brewster and Lynn McCulley           

o       Webmaster-Mari Borr

o       Hospitality-Elise and Kaye Halvorson                                                  

     Karen reported the fall workshop could be either Saturday September 20 or Saturday October 18, depending on when the meeting room is available.  Members suggested trying to get the October date first.  The cost to members would be $25, to be paid by May.  Cost for the workshop included, $150 teacher’s fee, motel, mileage and meals. 

New Business: 


Kim Jondahl, editor of “Inspire Magazine” was present to take pictures of members’ needlework for an article in the magazine. 

The program on finishing techniques was presented by Pat Otto.

The speaker’s gift was made by Arlene Strand.

Deb Long and Krista Andrews provided the treats.

Bring and Brag was held.

The meeting was adjourned

Respectfully Submitted, Mary Beth Osborn, Secretary